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The day after news spread that Lee Seung Gi had not been paid by HOOK, fans sent trucks to protest and show their support for the actor

Amid the controversy surrounding Lee Seung Gi’s music income, fans showed intense reactions.

On November 21, Dispatch only reported that Lee Seung Gi had not received music income for 27 albums from HOOK Entertainment for 18 years. When the news that HOOK attacked Lee Seung Gi, calling him a “minus singer” was published, fans flooded the agency with criticism, sending “protest trucks” to the agency’s building to show huge support for the actor.

On November 22, netizens from several online communities, including FMKorea and Ppomppu, reported finding trucks with content related to Lee Seung Gi’s problem.

The released truck carries an LED banner with messages supporting Lee Seung Gi such as “Lee Seung Gi is not a minus singer”.

Lee Seung Gi miniature

It was later discovered that other trucks believed to have been sent by the Lee Seung Gi “AIREN” fan union had similar messages, such as “Lee Seung Gi’s 18 Year Slave Contract”, “HOOK pays him 0 won of music revenue“, “AIREN Supports Lee Seung Gi”e.t.c.

lee seung gi fan trucks

Earlier, as the controversy escalated, HOOK CEO Kwon Jin Young took a stand saying “We are currently in the process of fact-finding and there is a possibility of legal action in the future, so once again we ask for your understanding that we will refrain from expressing positions.”adding “If there is any part for which HOOK Entertainment or I personally have legal responsibility, we will take full responsibility for it”.

you jung

Meanwhile, HOOK Entertainment manages Youn Yuh Jung, Lee Sun Hee, Lee Seo Jin, Lee Seung Gi, and Park Min Young. Chosen by singer Lee Sun Hee, Lee Seung Gi has been working under the name HOOK since 2002.

Park Min Young

HOOK has had its ups and downs lately. Starting with a controversial romantic relationship between actress Park Min Young and businessman Kang Jong Hyun, HOOK was subsequently raided by the police due to suspicions of defrauding the CEO and executives. In addition, former Fin.KL member Sung Yu Ri is also suspected of having ties to Kang Jong Hyun’s business.

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