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‘The First Responders’ writer teases season 2 love line, marvels at cast chemistry, and more

Given the continued success of SBS’ The First Responders series, screenwriter Min Ji Eun explained her thoughts on the drama!

Starring Kim Rae Won, Son Ho Jun, and Gong Seung Yeon, SBS’s new Friday-Saturday drama “The First Responders” follows members of the police, fire department, and paramedic team as they come together to help their city in whatever way they can.

Although the drama lasts only three episodes, “The First Responders” has seen viewership peaks of more than 10 percent with each broadcast, underscoring the show’s popularity.

Referring to the process of planning and writing the drama, writer Min Ji Eun said, “The first time I thought of First Rescuers was when I personally witnessed a fire station right next to the Busan Police Station. Late at night their lights shone brightly. At that moment, I thought of firemen and policemen who stay up late at night and run to others at all times.”

She explained that these images made her think about things like their relationship with each other, the real atmosphere at these stations, and the banter between these officers who fight for the same purpose but inevitably have different values ​​and principles.

When asked about synchronizing the main cast with their roles, Min Ji Eun commented, “When planning the characters, I decided on an imaginary MBTI [Myers-Briggs Type Indicator] each lead. Jin Ho Gae [Kim Rae Won] was ENTP, Bong Do Jin [Son Ho Jun] ENFJ and Song Seol [Gong Seung Yeon] ISFJ.” She then excitedly remarked, “To say that the casting of these three actors is above 100 percent synch and is 1,000 percent is not enough.”

Even before the premiere of the first season of “The First Responders”, a second season was confirmed. To explain the decision, Min Ji Eun said, “They say that every year about 13 million reports are filed with police departments and about 10 million with fire departments. In these countless instances, various emotions of conflict, greed, love and hate between people are likely swirling.”

She concluded that because there are these countless cases, there was a desire to show the longer process of these ERs over many seasons.

At the season 1 press conference, lead actor Kim Rae Won teased that he is expecting his character’s love line with Song Seol in season two. In response to this, Min Ji Eun vaguely remarked, “There is a policeman who has caught countless criminals but does not know how to catch the woman he loves in his heart, a firefighter who has put out fires countless times but does not know how to put out fires in heart and a nurse who heals the wounds of others well, but does not know how to heal the wounds in her own heart.

She continued: “If there is a fire, policemen have to call 119 too, and when firefighters encounter crime they also have to call 112, but will they be able to call each other? On this show, I figured the direction of the love line next season would be homework that I would have to create with the viewers.”

Finally, the producers of the drama commented: “The First Responders” is a project that could not have been made without the exceptional imagination, detailed composition and meticulous research of writer Min Ji Eun. Also in the future there will be an overflow of unpredictable episodes. We aim to capture heart-pounding tension, exhilarating fun, and gripping humanism, so we ask for consistent interest.”

Episode 4 “The First Responders” will air on November 25 at 10 p.m. KST.

Until then, watch Gong Seung Yeon’s “Are You Human Too?”:

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