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‘The Glory’ actress Kim Hieora sheds tears as she shares a touching story about co-star and close friend

‘The Glory’ actress Kim Hieora sheds tears as she shares a touching story about co-star and close friend

Kim Hieora revealed that the two took a selfie while crying.

Praise actress Kim Hieora shed tears during a recent interview.

Kim Hieora (left) and Song Hye Kyo (right) | Netflix

On March 14, Kim Hieora spoke to the media Wikitree regarding the hit K-Drama, Praise.

The Glory is a drama that follows Moon Dong Eun (Hye kyo song) as he exacts revenge on his high school bullies. Kim Hieora plays the role of Lee Sa Ra, one of Moon Dong Eun’s pursuers. In the drama, Lee Sa Ra is shown as a complex character who is an artist, drug addict, and pastor’s daughter.

Kim Hieora, who previously went viral while playing a role in Woo’s Extraordinary Attorney, gained immense popularity thanks to acting in the series. The actress was praised for her convincing portrayal of someone struggling with drug addiction.

In an interview, the actress revealed insight into what she thinks about her character and her love of art.

Art is the way out for Sa Ra. Sa Ra has been taking drugs since she was very young so she probably never thought she needed to change. Then her pictures were probably the only way she could communicate. When I see her, unlike Yeon Jin or Hye Jeong who have a purpose, she has no desire or direction, and in that sense, she is very ambiguous and in a dream-like state. For this reason, instead of wanting to achieve anything, I think she would express an unconscious struggle within herself through her art.

– Kim Heora

Kim Hieora is also a passionate artist and has even organized her own exhibitions. The actress, however, approached her art very modestly, explaining that art had a therapeutic effect on her.

I’m an amateur. I do it as if I was just drawing. I’m someone who is very bright and energetic, but when I have a problem or I’m depressed, I don’t want to pass it on to someone else. So since I was young, whenever I felt these emotions, I drew and wrote. People say that when they see my art, they feel strong emotions. An art professor once told me after seeing my work that they felt strong emotions and it felt like I was performing as an artist. The professor didn’t know I was an actress. Even though I wasn’t there, I thought their opinions were interesting.

– Kim Heora

Kim Hieora then revealed that her friend once cried after seeing her play. Reportedly, the actress shed tears recalling the incident.

Like I said, I don’t really tell my friends if I’m going through a hard time. One of my friends who saw my art cried her eyes out and said, “Hieora, you’ve been through so much. I’m sure it was very hard for you.

– Kim Heora

Kim Hieora then revealed that the friend who comforted her was none other than an actress Jung Ga Hee who played the role of Park Yeon Jin’s (played by Lim Ji Yeon) hoobe, Sumi, in drama.

Jung Ga Hee | @heegajung/Instagram

Kim Hieora stated that interacting with Jung Ga Hee made her aware of the positive influence art has had on her life.

Then I accepted it. Seeing someone comfort me after seeing my work saying, “Hieora, you’ve been through so much”, I started painting with the understanding that art can positively affect my life. When my friend hugged me, I thought, “Hey, it’s nothing,” but I cried with her. It was so funny that we took a selfie while crying.

– Kim Heora

Let’s hope there will be many more happy days than sad ones for Kim Hieora as her popularity has increased due to her great performance. The actress is expected to appear in the second season of the series Awesome counter.


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