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“The Glory” by Kim Hieora, “I don’t smoke but practiced smoking to play a drug addict”

“The Glory” by Kim Hieora, “I don’t smoke but practiced smoking to play a drug addict”

In an interview on March 14, Kim Hieora revealed some behind-the-scenes stories about her latest work, the Netflix original drama The Glory.

Playing Lee Sa Ra, a high school bully and drug-addicted painter, Kim Hieora garnered positive reviews for her strong presence and fierce acting.

when asked “How did you portray the appearance of a drug addict?”– said the actress “At first I just thought it was like you got drunk”adding “I’ve been watching drug-related content on Netflix and documentaries about the process of addicts becoming addicted, taking drugs and recovering from addiction.”

she continued “Rather than having a role model, I was acting on a variety of references”adding “I was wondering what habits a socially and financially successful pastor’s daughter would have if she became addicted to drugs. I wanted to show how Sa Ra, Yeon Jin, and Hye Jeong rely on drugs in a different way when the situation arises instead of becoming addicted to drugs.”

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Kim Hieora then revealed that she smoked e-cigarettes despite being a non-smoker to naturally deliver the smoking scene.

The actress confessed “My manager smokes so he told me to take the weakest e-cigarette. I didn’t smoke when I was alone, but I practiced smoking with the help of my manager when we went to the session”.

“I was very worried because I had to smoke ‘nice’. There was a scene where I made a hemp bun and smoked it. I felt tired after smoking, and it didn’t taste good at all, so I tried not to think about it afterwards.” she added

when asked “Are you still smoking after shooting ‘The Glory’?”Kim Hieora firmly replied: “NO.”

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she shared “There’s a scene in the drama where I’m smoking marijuana and they were making rolled cigarettes as props. They warned me it was strong, but I wanted to look good, so I took a deep breath and inhaled the smoke. It wasn’t easy to endure.”.

Finally, the actress said: “That was my last smoking scene. After making this video, my head was spinning and I realized that I should never have become addicted.”

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