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“The Glory” Cha Joo Young on the iconic white dress: “It was the perfect representation of Hye Jeong”

“The Glory” Cha Joo Young on the iconic white dress: “It was the perfect representation of Hye Jeong”

Actress Cha Joo Young has cleared up misconceptions about the white dress she wore in the Netflix original series The Glory.

On March 15, Cha Joo Young participated in an interview related to “The Glory” in Samcheong-dong, Seoul. The Glory is a Netflix original series that tells the story of a woman whose soul is shattered by childhood violence and the people who are drawn into a whirlwind of meticulously crafted revenge.

In the drama, Cha Joo Young plays Choi Hye Jeong, a school bully who bullied Moon Dong Eun (Song Hye Kyo) alongside Park Yeon Jin (Lim Ji Yeon). Hye Jeong is a flight attendant from a laundry family who sees marriage as a way to climb the social ladder.

Choi Hye Jeong grabs attention throughout the drama with her tight, revealing outfit. To convey the image of the character, Cha Joo Young gained 5-6 kg from her original weight and demonstrated her passion for acting.

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Playing Choi Hye Jeong, which strongly emphasized her figure, Cha Joo Young said:It’s not that I didn’t feel the pressure.However, she added:I knew this from the casting stage, so I let it go. I wasn’t trying to be visually greedy. Even though it was a role where I could look pretty and look pretty, I didn’t want to look that way“.

Last December, part 1 of the drama featured a scene where Hye Jeong was wearing a tight white dress and was scorned by Park Yeon Jin and Lee Sa Ra (Kim Hieora). This scene went viral.

There was also a little misunderstanding because of Cha Joo Young’s answer in a magazine interview. She then said:I wasn’t originally supposed to wear this outfit. The styling team made a nicer outfit that didn’t cling to my body, but the director wanted me to wear a white dress. I thought it would look ugly on screen, so I refused at first“.

Cha Joo Young explained:The sigh I made in this interview wasn’t about the outfit, but about me. We have prepared many outfits, including one prettier. After listening to the explanation, I agreed to wear a white dress. I thought this scene was perfect for Hye Jeong. However, I was worried and sighing over my body, which had gained weight.

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