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“The Glory”: Cha Joo Young recalls the scene he most regrets during filming

“The Glory”: Cha Joo Young recalls the scene he most regrets during filming

On March 15, Cha Joo Young was interviewed by Wikitree and talked about her appearances on Netflix’s The Glory.

“The Glory” is the story of Moon Dong Eun (Song Hye Kyo), who seeks revenge on her school bullies through a carefully crafted plan she has been hatching for almost her entire adult life. Among the high school bullies is Choi Hye Jeong, a flight attendant played by Cha Joo Young.

In an interview, Cha Joo Young said: “Hye Jeong was quite a difficult task for me. I tried to live like Hye Jeong, but it took me a while to dig deeper. I thought about it, but went back to being faithful to the script. addition, “I thought Hye Jeong herself was a simple character. So I prepared her character in a one-dimensional way, just thinking about the environment. I wanted to look like a scatterbrained, carefree kid.”

She further explained “I didn’t know where this friend would stay or what direction she would go, so I wanted her to look inside” said the actress, explaining the process of constructing the character.

choi hye young

“There were a few scenes I wanted to reshoot before I got into the character” Cha Joo Young expressed, “I wanted to re-shoot the scene where I talk to the junior stewardess and the scene after receiving the ring from my fiancé.” The actress did not hide her disappointment “I was very disappointed in that scene because I was playing with people I had only met once.”

Joo Young further argued, “I had to shoot very early, so I needed time to get into Hye Jeong, but I was worried that it would be obvious that I was acting without confidence.” She went to “I thought I could express emotions that only I know, a little more refined.”

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The scene, which left a lot of grief in the actress, became a blessing in disguise. Cha Joo Young explained, “After the scene was over, I came to my senses. I thought, “Is this the time you’re doing this? Do it right.’ So far, I’ve been fighting for my life as Hye Jeong, and I came on stage and thought, “This is the only thing I can do.” I remember walking home and thinking, “Let’s get ready again.”

It turns out that in a seemingly one-dimensional character, caring only for material benefits, a lot of work has been put into it. It also shows how much thought and effort Cha Joo Young puts into his character.

source: wikitree


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