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“The Glory” Kim Hieora: bullied by her classmates because of her different appearance

“The Glory” Kim Hieora: bullied by her classmates because of her different appearance

In “The Glory”, Kim Hieora turns into drug addict Lee Sa Ra, who has stalked the main character in the past. The actress presented herself brilliantly here, to the point that it gives viewers goosebumps.

Born in 1989, Kim Hieora originally debuted as a theater actress. She joined the entertainment industry in 2009 but struggled to make a name for herself. It wasn’t until 2021 that she landed her first official role in a TV drama.

Before “The Glory”, Kim Hieora had a supporting role in “Extraordinary Attorney Woo” and was praised for her acting skills. However, it was her role of Lee Sa Ra that brought the actress fame.

Kim Hieora

According to Kim Hieora, her name, which was given to her by her father, means “to live beautifully”. She is also extremely proud of her unusual name, which always raises questions wherever she goes. At the same time, Kim Hieora is also distinguished by “cool” and “cold” visuals that make him a perfect match for Lee Sa Ra.

Kim Hieora also inherited her mother’s amber eyes, which is rare in Korea. Although some classmates bullied her for her unusual eye color, the actress is proud of them because they help her stand out in Korean show business.

It is worth noting that Kim Hieora also shares a similar trait with her character, Lee Sa Ra, in “The Glory”, which is her painting talent. In real life, apart from acting, Kim Hieora is also known as a painter. She created several works and organized a solo exhibition under her own name in 2018 and is known for her painting skills.

who hieora
Kim Hieora also has a talent for painting

As such, Kim Hieora confessed that because she was not professionally trained in the arts, she lacked basic skills. “AND don’t think i’m so good but i’m fearless and always try my best” she said.

In February 2020, Kim Hieora opened a coffee shop in Daehangno – a vibrant district famous for its trendy bars, student cafes, as well as artistic meeting places. As such, the actress said that her original intention was to create a complex space related to art.

who hieora
Kim Hieora often posts pictures of herself with her nephew

The actress also revealed that her next dream is to open a clothing store. The reason is her desire to buy clothes for her nephew. According to Kim Hieora, when she started in the industry, there were times when she couldn’t earn even 1 million won a month. At that time, although she wanted to buy nice clothes for her nephew, she could not afford it. Now, however, Kim Hieora can give his nephew the best.

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