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‘The Glory’ star Kim Hieora shares her first impression of the drama, working with Song Hye Kyo and more

‘The Glory’ star Kim Hieora shares her first impression of the drama, working with Song Hye Kyo and more

‘The Glory’ star Kim Hieora talks about the hit drama in a new interview!

Written by hitmaker Kim Eun Sook, Netflix’s “The Glory” tells the story of a former victim of brutal school violence who vows revenge against her bullies after becoming a tutor for her bully’s child in elementary school. Song Hye Kyo stars as the vengeful protagonist Moon Dong Eun, while Kim Hieora plays Lee Sa Ra, an addict and one of Moon Dong Eun’s bullies.

Upon the release of Part 2 on March 10, “The Glory” was a huge success, quickly reaching number one on the Netflix worldwide charts.

Reflecting on her first impression of the drama, Kim Hieora recalls, “When I first saw the script, it was cute that it starts with [Lee Sa Ra saying] “Yeon Jin [Lim Ji Yeon]It’s going to be hard from now on.” She added: “The entire script was shot according to the plans of the writer and director, without any improvisation. Since I knew about revenge from the beginning, I think I finished watching with the support of my heart. The actors I didn’t meet also did a good job, which I thought added to the fun of watching.”

Playing the complicated role of a bully, Kim Hieora explained, “No matter what role I try to take on, I try not to think of it as difficult. Since characters I don’t understand exist in this world, I figured I don’t need to understand. So it wasn’t too hard. Figuring out the level of expression I needed to add to each scene was difficult.” Adding to this, Kim Hieora talked about working on regulating her emotions so as not to incite resentment in viewers.

Kim Hieora touched on her collaboration with Song Hye Kyo, revealing that during the first filming, the church scene was shot in one take. She explained that as a fan of Song Hye Kyo, she was nervous before going to the set and added, “After rehearsals, we waited, so I told her I was a fan.” [Song Hye Kyo] he said, “Your colleagues praised you, saying you were good on stage. I’m nervous too. I will also work diligently. She kindly told me that if Dong Eun accepts it, then [act] comfortable as I liked. Because she said so, I thought I had to do it without getting nervous.”

The actress continued:[Once filming began]I looked into her eyes and couldn’t get started right away because she looked so pretty. That’s how shooting started, but I felt Song Hye Kyo’s slight nerves. It was like Dong Eun herself. That’s when I became Sa Ra. I fell in love after that, so I always talked to him [Song Hye Kyo] about this particular movie. I thought that’s why the writer Kim Eun Sook must have used Song Hye Kyo [for the role of Moon Dong Eun]. She was so similar to Dong Eun.

Concerning the popularity of “The Glory”, Kim Hieora remarked, “I didn’t imagine it would be to this extent. But I thought I’d be brave. Reading the script as a spectator, there were things I would never have thought of. The change I am most looking forward to with this project is that although things from the past will come to light, from now on I believe that it is possible for children, teenagers and also adults to never repeat these mistakes again. I especially think if you’ve watched “The Glory” I expect you’ll be able to help [those in situations of school bullying]”.

Kim Hieora also shared her personal thoughts on the ending of the drama, saying, “Regarding the punishment, of course I have some regrets. It may seem insufficient. You’d think there must be a final blow like Jae Joon [Park Sung Hoon]. However, what I really liked was that we ruined ourselves, not Dong Eun. I think that after Sa Ra was released from prison, it would be hard for her to deal with all this alone. I liked it because it felt more cruel and realistic.”

After a brief appearance in ENA’s hit drama “Extraordinary Attorney Woo” last year, Kim Hieora achieved great success again with “The Glory”. Of her continued success and impressive transition from musical theater to drama, the actress commented: “Thanks to ‘The Glory’ I can reveal my name and do interviews. This is an image I couldn’t have predicted just last year. I didn’t know “Extraordinary Attorney Woo” would do so well, and since it was only one episode, I didn’t think I was going to get love. While resting [from musicals]I was going around telling people I wanted to try media. Then “Beyond Evil” worked and became a good deal. That’s why I couldn’t rest, but I think I did the right thing to have this courage.”

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