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‘The Glory’ villains blast netizens in ‘Sexy and Scary’ pictorials

‘The Glory’ villains blast netizens in ‘Sexy and Scary’ pictorials

“I can’t help but swear because of how good they look.”

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A successful Netflix drama from the start Praise ensnared viewers with his story of revenge and revenge.

Fans of the series also fell in love with the visuals of the cast – Jung Sung II goes viral for his “hot ahjussi syndrome” evoking good looks and duality Park Sung Hoon.

Park Sung Hoon w Praise | Netflix

Previous photo of Park Sung Hoon.

Now the cast of “five villains”, Lim Ji YeonJung Sung Il, Kim HieoraPark Sung Hoon i Cha Jo Youngcaught the attention of netizens with new photos.

Until the April issue In Korea, the cast were photographed in a terrifying and sexy pic that was perfect for their roles in the drama. While netizens loved single shots…

Kim Hieora | In Korea

Cha Joo Young | In Korea

Lim Ji Yeon | In Korea

Sunghoon Park | In Korea

Kim Gun Woo | In Korea

…were impressed by the energy between the cast members in the various group photos.

In a post on a Korean forum, netizens expressed appreciation for the cast’s acting skills and visual effects.

| qoo

  • Maybe it’s because they’re all good at acting. Even their photos are good.
  • They capture the screen with their charisma.
  • They could be a co-ed group, their faces are great.
  • Their presence is crazy.
  • Wow, everyone is unique and cool.
  • Can they debut as a co-ed group?
  • I can’t help but swear at how good they look starting from the first photo.

What do you think about these photos?

Were her breasts CG edited? Does she usually swear? “The Glory” actress Cha Joo Young talks about her role as Choi Hyejeong


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