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The grief over the death of the queen “translates to the other side” as Americans mourn

The news of the death of the queen and the subsequent outpouring of grief and respect for the monarch “translates even overseas,” said the American broadcaster.

KTTV reporter Hal Eisner said US stations gave “a lot of time” to the historical news, adding that it was handled with “just the right amount of seriousness and affection.”

He said there was “tremendous interest” in the unfolding events from Americans and around the world because the news was about “someone we’ve known all our lives.”

Hal Eisner said US networks treated the historical news with “just the right amount of seriousness and affection” (Oli Scarff / Pool / AP)


Eisner worked for 40 years as a TV reporter for the Los Angeles channel, which is part of the Fox network, and previously worked for 15 years on radio in Texas and Louisiana.

In his career, he has covered high-profile American stories such as the 1999 Columbine school shooting, the death of Whitney Houston in 2012, and the 2017 mass shooting in Las Vegas.

Speaking to the PA news agency about the report of the Queen’s death following her announcement on Thursday, he said: “I think it had a very big impact.

“She’s the only known queen in her life… it was stunning.

“Here in the United States, many people have not been to England. And when they think about England, what do they think about? They think about the queen.

“So I think it was received with a certain amount of seriousness and affection.

“You can see from watching the various news networks that a lot of time is spent discussing this. The anchors are in London. Time is given, the broadcast is live.

“It moves.”

Mr. Eisner referred to previous important events related to the monarchy, such as the death of Diana, Princess of Wales in 1997, and the marriage of the King and Queen Consort in 2005.

“Here in the United States there has been incredible interest in these things and I think we will see it again on Monday when the actual funeral takes place,” PA said.

“I think we will see a huge number of people watching TV, watching on their computers, watching on their phones.”

During her seven-year reign, the Queen met with 13 of the 14 U.S. presidents, from Harry Truman to Barack Obama and Donald Trump to current President Joe Biden.

The Queen has met over a dozen US presidents, from Harry Truman to Joe Biden (Chris Jackson / PA)

(PA wire)

When asked why there was so much interest overseas, Mr. Eisner said, “Because he’s someone we’ve known all our lives.

“It’s not that if you went up to someone and said something about Queen Elizabeth, you would say” Queen who? “

“The mere fact that someone can say the Queen of England, you know exactly what we’re talking about… you didn’t have to say her name to know who she is.

“We all know her, we all knew her, we all had an impression.”

Mr. Eisner said that through his own reporting in Los Angeles, he spoke to many people in the UK and US who shared a “collective mind” on the issue.

“Yesterday everyone was talking about the heat. Today everyone is talking about the queen, and that says a lot, ”he said.

These are the last days of the Queen of England. I think there is empathy. I think watching the King … and feeling the emotions. I think it even translates to the other side

Broadcaster Hal Eisner

“Some things connect people.

“People are moved by this and I think the interest is tremendous even if you are not in the same country.”

He speculated that even in California, where the funeral is due to take place at 5am local time, many will still be looking to watch the historic event.

“I think it will be interesting to see what the audience is like all over the world,” he said.

“Because if you have lines that are two, three, four or five miles long for people who want to donate the coffin and pay tribute, imagine all the people around the world who have a certain level of interest and want to spend a few minutes watching.

“Remembering they spent some time watching this.”

Eisner said the departure of the queen “resonates” with people, whether they are American or British (Victoria Jones / PA)

(PA wire)

Mr. Eisner also speculated that interest and reports of the mourning events in the UK would circulate for some time.

“These are the last days of the Queen of England. I think there is empathy that can be avoided, ”said PA.

“I think I’m watching the king, watching William and Harry go behind the coffin, and feeling the emotions. I think that translates even overseas.

“It resonates with people.

“People may be divided on one thing or another, but for the most part they still have hearts, and I think after the departure of someone who is respected, people tend to show heart.”


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