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The husband says the spouse has been asked to cancel the divorce after successfully treating the cancer

The man revealed that his husband had initiated divorce proceedings when he discovered he had cancer, and then canceled it when treatment was successful.

The man was diagnosed with testicular cancer, prompting his husband to file for divorce because it’s “too much to take care of me,” he says.

The man said he had battled the cancer himself, had undergone chemotherapy and surgery, adding that his recent checkups showed no signs of the disease.

But a year after his ex-husband left, he contacted him to say he wanted to stay married because “I’m not sick anymore,” the survivor said.

He told his story on Reddit where he was flooded with support.

Writing anonymously, he said, “When I was diagnosed with testicular cancer, he filed for divorce because he said it was” too much “to look after.

“In my province, you must live apart and live for a year before a divorce is granted.

“I have had surgery and chemotherapy since he passed away, and my latest follow-up examination shows no symptoms of the disease. When he found out about it (I don’t know how) he applied to the court to withdraw the divorce petition.

“He told me we could stay married because I wasn’t sick anymore, and he was really shocked when I blocked the waiver request by my own lawyer.

“I don’t want to marry him after what he did.”

Readers sent in support, including one person who said the nurses were trained to help recently diagnosed male spouses with the issue.

They added: “Men leave their sick partners much more often than women.”

The original poster replied that it had been warned by medics about this supposed trend, but added, “I naively thought it would never happen to me.”

Other supporters congratulated the man on seeing the true identity of his ex.

One wrote, “Well done. You found his true nature, he can’t take it back.

Another joked, “It is generally best to remove all cancer.”

The supporter added, “Good for you, time to focus on yourself and on your way back to better health. Good luck!

“You really find out who cares about you when you are on the lowest level. I’m glad you’re getting better! Best wishes for a long life and a better partner. “

Another added: “You beat cancer and the garbage took off on its own. Congratulations! I hope life will treat you a lot better in the days to come.

Others said they had heard of similar stories.

One said, “It happens surprisingly often. When one of my family members struggled with cancer, they met dozens of people whose spouses, both newly married (under 5) and longtime (under 25), left them after diagnosis. “

Another added: “Congratulations on defeating cancer! Wow, what a ******! He showed you who he was when he left you, when you got sick. I’m so glad you can see this and keep going.



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