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The “Idol Star Athletics Championship” is back after 2 years … Has the show continued to be great in the past?

The MBC “Idol Star Athletics Championships” came back after about 2 years and 8 months with the Chuseok Special.

The “Idol Star Athletics Championships” (hereinafter “ISAC”), which had to be suspended since the special Lunar New Year 2020 because they could not gather participants on a large scale due to the Covid-19 pandemic, finally welcomed viewers again this year’s festival Chuseok.

Chuseok Special 2020 was held as a small event for esports. This year’s program was filmed as a one-time broadcast and aired for three days with the normal “ISAC” from 9 to 12 and “Idol Star Esports Championship” 11 September. Considering the recent situation where most of the Christmas special entertainment shows have disappeared, it can be seen that the ISAC Chuseok Special is very important.

In its heyday, ISAC was MBC’s flagship program that dominated the small screen and sometimes recorded double-digit ratings. However, over time, his status is no longer the same as before. Coming back for the first time after 3 years, what was the ISAC Chuseok Special like this year?

A dance sport on the first day with spectacular performances

What caught the most attention this year’s ISAC Chuseok Special was the Dance Sports competition, which was launched on the first day of the show (September 9). In fact, it is the sport that provides the most impressive attractions because it fits the character of stars and idols who dance well.

Participants including DKZ Jaechan, P1Harmony Intak, WEi Kim Dong-han, NMIXX Sullyoon, Billlie Tsuki, Kwon Eun-bi, Kep1er Xiaoting worked with professional dance athletes to please the eyes of other idols and viewers on the movie set with their beautiful movements body and dances. In particular, Xiaoting, who has won various dance competitions in China, has attracted attention, overwhelming everyone “Master’s appearance” from the first movement of the foot and won the gold medal.


Participants who practiced the program hard while carrying out their busy schedules applauded each performance and at times shed tears, creating a reassuring scene where the idols encouraged each other as if they had become members of the same band. While rankings were based on scores, it was a memorable day when everyone deserved a winner.

E-sport as a one-day game … Futsal returns after 6 years

This year’s ISAC esports event only featured one famous game, “PUBG MOBILE”. In this game, which was played in three categories including Singles, Pairs, and Teams, the strength of the male idols was noticeable. As always, surviving to the end is more important than trying to defeat multiple enemies. As a result, a participant appeared who killed only one enemy in the final stage, but climbed to the top of the rankings and burst out laughing.


On the third day of ISAC, the eyes of the viewers were caught by the fierce rivalry of futsal, which returned after 6 years. Although the sport has been eliminated over the years due to injuries to some participants, ISAC has decided to re-add futsal to the list amid the recent frenzy about soccer and sports entertainment in the broadcasting industry.


Since there were many hidden talents, many participants who showed the ingenuity of professional players were witnesses. They left a deep impression with their hot offensive football as they netted 14 goals in the match. In addition, the last day was graced by various events, such as the archery final, 60 meter track and 400 meter relay race. The Chuseok Special Idol Star Athletics Championships came to an end like this.

What is the reason for the lukewarm reaction compared to previous years?

Since it was a program that was restarted after a long time, “Chuseok Special Idol Star Athletics Championship” 3 episodes in total clearly demonstrated the efforts to fill the Chuseok festival in abundance. Nevertheless, compared to the “return of the king”, the “Idol Star Athletics Championship” was disappointing this time. Viewership rates, which had dropped from 2 years ago (5.8% in the third episode of Lunar New Year 2020 → 2.8% this year in the first episode of Chuseok, Nielsen Korea’s national standard) did not even seem to match the name ” Special “. citing different viewing methods such as OTT as the reason.


In particular, if you are a fan of a certain group, you don’t need to watch the program live. Just watch the fan videos of your favorite idol, recorded secretly at the recording site a month ago. Even for dance sports, there is no reason to watch a program on TV early on, as you can see clear images behind the stadium thanks to videos in various places such as YouTube and Twitter.

People’s low awareness of budding K-pop groups nowadays, which are mainly served by fandoms, also influenced the “Idol Star Athletics Championship” to some extent. Famous teams that many know by name no longer compete in the “Idol Star Athletics Championship”. The vacancy was filled by a series of new arrivals who showed up one by one. From the perspective of ordinary viewers, this was only considered the appearance of a large number of young acquaintances they did not know because they had to ask “Who are they?”


From a fun point of view, MBC’s “Idol Star Athletics Championships” also reveals its shortcomings compared to tvN’s “The Game Caterers – HYBE Episode” which aired from July to August. “The Game Caterers”, broadcast in the form of a picnic + sports day, attracted the attention of fans from Poland and abroad. Given that the existing PD-style Na Young-seok entertainment provided satisfaction and fun for idol fans, the unusual progression of the “Idol Star Athletics Championships”, which only focused on running different events, made us feel the need to change depending on epoch changes.


In addition, the popular group production, long identified as a problem, remained at this year’s “Idol Star Athletics Championship”. Even considering the inevitability of creating a highly recognizable participant-oriented production that people can recognize even to a small degree, the method of using a large number of idols as if they were bridesmaids to a small number of groups and people this time hasn’t changed much as well.

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