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The interior of Heechul’s house teased for looking like a hospital – has a romantic reason behind it

The luxurious villa Super Junior Heechula, worth 5 billion won, reappeared in the broadcast, after its renovation. Here’s what happened.

Super Junior Heechul presents the all-white décor of a 5 billionth luxury villa

On September 11, Kim Heechul, a housewarming party, took place in the SBS program “My Little Old Boy”, which completed the construction of the interior of her new home.

On that day, a Super Junior member welcomed Kim Jong Kook, Lee Sangmin, Kim Junho and Oh Minseok as guests at his first housewarming party. As soon as the interior was finished, he especially invited his close friends.

(Photo: Facebook: Super Junior)
Super Junior Heechul

During the broadcast, Heechul’s house caught attention by transforming his villa-style house into a completely white interior.

From the front door to the living room, kitchen, ceiling, wall and floor, everything was painted white. Even the kitchen table was white.

Before the interior renovation, it was said that it was a house with floors and decorations made of marble and wood.

Heechul proudly showed his home saying:

– He’s neat, isn’t he?

The interior of Heechul's house teased for looking like a hospital - has a romantic reason behind it

(Photo: Heechul House (Money Today))

However, his close friends teased him and expressed embarrassment by commenting such as:

  • – You haven’t painted it yet, have you?
  • “What’s wrong with the house?”
  • “Isn’t that an advertising studio?”

Continuing the tour, the show’s actors complained even more after seeing more white in the living room and even in the kitchen and bathroom, saying:

  • “If it’s so white, isn’t it hard to tell the difference from home?”
  • – Does your head hurt a little now?
  • “Oh, my eyes, eyes …”
  • “It’s like an art museum.”
  • “No, it’s like a hospital (hospital room).”
  • “It looks like a research institute remains on Earth after the nuclear war.”

Kim Jong Kook, Minseok and Junho also started complaining of dizziness and motion sickness.

Kim Heechul reveals the reason why he chose the white interior of the house

Jung Hyesung confesses culture shock after Heechul did IT at the club

(Photo: Heechul (Instagram))

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Despite such comments, Heechul was proud of his new home, and viewers understood his decision after listening to his explanations.

The male idol in particular also revealed that he had invented an all-white interior in preparation for marriage.

Lee Sang-min initially stated:

“When Heechul got married later, he said he did it as minimally as possible in white because he thought his wife would do interior work, but she was too white as drawing paper.”

The interior of Heechul's house teased for looking like a hospital - has a romantic reason behind it

(Photo: Heechul House (Sports World))

Jong Kook also teased him by saying:

“You don’t have to worry because I think you will live alone.”

However, Heechul is determined with his plans and claims:

“When I get married, I will tell my wife to decorate it the way she wants. I’ll get married here. “

Meanwhile, Heechul reportedly moved to a 5 billion won ($ 4 million) luxury villa apartment located in Gangnam-gu, Seoul in February.

In the same program, aired in May, a scene for planning the interior of a new house was broadcast.

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