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The K-Netizens agree that NMIXX’s Sullyoon has grown into a natural beauty

Such a queen!

K-pop fans already know how legendary NMIXX SullyoonThe visuals are there, but if you look at her younger photos you’ll see that she was just born with the visuals right from the start. A second-class photo of Sullyoon was recently shared on an online community forum, and it attracted a lot of fan interest.

| Sullyoon’s bubble

This photo was posted on Sullyoon Bubble the account in which she agreed to share the photo on the Internet. In the photo, fans could see that from her youth she had the same face that grew into a beautiful young lady.

| theqoo

K-Netizens who saw this photo couldn’t believe how well she had grown up.

  • “Wow, she’s just that pretty. It looks like a doll.
  • “How can her face be so perfect in elementary school. So cute. “
  • “She is a little angel princess doll.”
  • “Wow, she was just pretty all her life.”
  • “I’m just shocked at how pretty she is.”


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