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The leading Hollywood actor once shocked everyone with his unexpected performance in “King Of Masked Singer”

Everyone was shocked when this Hollywood star took off his mask in King Of Masked Singer.

The King Of Masked Singer vocal competition is known for unexpected performances by Korean stars with amazing voices. But the most shocking discovery in the show’s history is the Hollywood star. It’s Ryan Reynolds, the popular Canadian-American actor who is best known for his portrayal of Deadpool.

Ryan Reynolds

On the King Of Masked Singer stage in 2018, Ryan Reynolds dressed up as a unicorn. He wore a silver coat, a unicorn mask, and sang “Tomorrow” from the musical “Annie”. After the actor removed his mask and exposed his face, the panellists and the audience on site were shocked. Consequently, Ryan Reynolds decided to appear in “King Of Masked Singer” during the promotion of “Deadpool 2” in Korea.

Ryan Reynolds as a unicorn in “King Of Masked Singer”

After his face was exposed, Ryan Reynolds apologized to everyone for his performance. He said, “I’m so sorry about this song. I’m in the top five worst singers in the universe. ” However, the panellists quickly gave Ryan Reynolds a lot of compliments. The Hollywood actor also joked that the unicorn mask and cape were more comfortable to wear than his Deadpool costume.

In addition to “King Of Masked Singer,” Ryan Reynolds also appeared in another popular Korean reality show, “The Runaway Man.” He was invited to “Running Man” to promote the movie “6 Underground” in 2019. Ryan Reynolds has always been loved for his sense of humor, wit and quick improvisation, so his guest appearances in Korean have received a lot of positive feedback. entertainment shows.

running man
Ryan Reynolds has been called “the genius of diversity” in “Man on the Run”


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