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The legendary second-generation idol ‘confesses’ he’s in a relationship, but it’s not what you might think

The legendary second-generation idol ‘confesses’ he’s in a relationship, but it’s not what you might think

“Oppa, I was in shock…”

Ex TVXQ AND JYJ member Kim Jaejoong (also known as Jaejoong) surprised guests on a variety show when he revealed that he was dating.

Kim Jaejoong | @jj_1986_jj/Instagram

On March 15, Kim Jaejoong appeared on the show The Life of Men Today—The Husband Class (translated titled for The life of men nowadays – the groom’s class). In the episode, the second generation idol revealed one day in his life.

During the episode, Kim Jaejoong revealed the reason why he rarely appeared on TV shows in Korea. According to the idol, he was busy promoting in Japan, where he is also a star.

I promoted abroad. Especially my promotions in Japan took a long time, so I actually lived there.

– Kim Jaejoong

In this episode, Kim Jaejoong revealed that in 2022, he was voted by Japanese fans as the K-Pop star they most wanted to marry. The idol revealed that he himself was surprised by the poll in which he refers to international stars who accompanied him on the list.

I thought it (poll) didn’t make sense because there were two BTS members below me.

– Kim Jaejoong

Later in the episode, Kim Jaejoong revealed that he thought his biggest flaw was his boring lifestyle, to which Lee Seung Chul replied, “You have to hurry up and find a girlfriend.Kim Jaejoong then surprised the other guests when he replied that he was actually dating before revealing who his “partner” was.

I’m currently dating… I’m in a relationship with my fans.

– Kim Jaejoong

Lee Seung Chulwho is one of Korea’s most legendary singers and one of the oldest active celebrities, apologized for teasing Kim Jaejoong, stating that celebrities of their time were taught to answer the question this way.

That’s because he’s a person from my time. In our time, we were taught (to answer) this way.

— Lee Seung Chul

Netizens jokingly reacted to the idol’s teasing, with many stating that they had really been deceived by the idol’s “confession”.

| qoo

  • “Even though she’s of marriageable age, when I see something like this I click in shock, LOL.”
  • “Crazy, LOL.”
  • “Oppa… I was in shock.”
  • “Oppa, I was shocked, ㅠㅠ.”
  • “He’s currently dating me ^^.”
  • “Ah, I was shocked…I’m still not ready to let him go…ㅠ.”
  • “LOL, what Lee Seung Chul (saying)? He’s so funny, LOL.

It seems that despite the passage of so much time, Kim Jaejoong’s relationship with his fans is stronger than ever!

Source: theqoo and money today


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