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The lyrics of BLACKPINK’s song “Typa Girl” draw mixed reactions – here’s why

After reading the lyrics of BLACKPINK’s song “Typa Girl,” fans have mixed reactions about it.

Read on to find out more.

BLACKPINK “Typa Girl” Got Mixed Fan Reactions for “Pick Me”

Criticism is no stranger to K-pop groups. Over the years, many have faced criticism from Internet users over the allegedly problematic lyrics of some of their songs. Recently, BLACKPINK once again highlights the lyrics of one of its latest singles.

On September 16, BLACKPINK released their long-awaited album “BORN PINK” which contains a total of eight tracks. In particular, their b-side track “Typa Girl” is currently being discussed in online communities because of its lyrics about whether it is problematic.

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Some Internet users reading the English translation of “Typa Girl” argue whether the song reflects the mood of pick me. The term “choose me” is an offensive term usually associated with women who claim or act as if they are different from other women, and most of the time to get men’s attention.

In fact, the term has appeared more frequently on the K-pop scene lately, as more and more songs are considered pick me by internet users.

In the case of BLACKPINK, Internet users believe that the lyrics of “Typa Girl” are questionable, such as the lines: “I bring money to the table / Not your dinner / Both my body and my bank account / Good figure / Thinking about myself, but it has nothing to do with consider / If I let you into my circle, you are the winner. “

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(Photo: Facebook: BLACKPINK)

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Other issues that feel like they have a typical atmosphere for me are “I’m not like these other girls at all / I’m the typical girl that makes you forget that you have the type / The type that makes me you love when the only thing you do is like. “

As a result, Internet users expressed their dislike of the message that Typa Girl sends to others, as well as their other songs that are about boasting about their success and “being better” than others, which turned out to be the formula BLACKPINK usually uses. the songs they have released so far.


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While many criticize the lyrics, many have defended the group. Some said the matter was taken too seriously and the “Typa Girl” line was not that problematic.

While others also recalled that K-pop idols usually have nothing to say or contribute to the writing of the lyrics of some of their songs. And that Bekuh Boom is the lyricist for “Typa Girl” who is also responsible for some of the other questionable lyrics by YG Entertainment artists.

What do you think about the lyrics of the song?

Listen to the song here:

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