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The mailing reveals new text messages from HOOK Entertainment’s CEO detailing her abuses

The news reveals the president’s problematic behavior.

November 23, media settle followed their bombshell exposé by dropping it Lee Seung Gi never got paid for his music with an article revealing new text messages from Hook Entertainment CEO Kwon Jin Young.

Shipping reveals that Lee Seung Gi has received a total of 0 wins for his music over the past 18 years

In the article, Dispatch claims that the reason why Lee Seung Gi believed his agency’s claims that he was not a profitable singer and that he was “Minus the singerwas due to the gaslighting of the agency’s CEO.

HOOK Entertainment CEO Kwon Jin Young | top class

Gaslighting is manipulating someone to question their own reality. Gaslighting is very harmful and is often used in abusive relationships, whether between lovers or, in the case of Lee Seung Gi, between an employee and an employer.

You are “Minus the singer“.

Lee Seung Gi has made a lot of money through his K-Dramas appearances, variety shows and endorsements. The fee for its appearance is very expensive. According to an article in Dispatch, Lee Seung Gi was adequately paid for these efforts.

The article claims that Lee Seung Gi was happy with the amount he was paid, and for this reason he did not want to dispute the agency’s claim that he was not a profitable singer.

Lee Seung Gi | Joongang Ilbo

Lee Seung Gi’s manager revealed in an interview with Dispatch that the agency’s CEO, Kwon Jin Young, often told Lee Seung Gi that he was “Minus Singer”

The CEO always said, “You’re a minus singer.” Your fans never spend money, but they ask for so much. You made a lot of money with other projects (acting, variety shows). Just think of your singing career as a service to the fans. She brainwashed him. If he had asked her about accounting, he would have been reprimanded. Lee Seung Gi would rather not be cursed than get paid.

— Manager Lee Seung-gi

Lee Seung Gi’s manager empathized with his singer, stating that he would have given up as well (disputing the accounting).

The manager then leaked text messages that shed further insight into the abuses by CEO Kwon Jin Young. The news reveals the manipulation, terror and level of surveillance the CEO has subjected his employees to.

Text message between manager Lee Seung Gi and CEO of HOOK Entertainment | settle

  • Manager: “Seung Gi hyung he said he had a sandwich and coffee for dinner so I charged KRW 27,000 (about US$20) to the company card.
  • Manager: “I came to the office. After cleaning the van, I leave work.
  • CEO: “If it’s after work or dinner, convince him to use his personal card.”
  • Manager: “Okay.”

| settle

  • Manager: “Seung Gi hyung asked me to buy him an energy bar and snacks at SSG, so I charged KRW 29,800 (approximately $22.00) to the company card.
  • CEO: “For personal purchases, convince him to use his personal card.”
  • Manager: “Yes, sorry. He said he was going to eat it during the filming of Little Forest, so I used a company card. For personal items, I will use (our) personal cards.”
  • CEO: okay.

  • Manager: “I charged KRW 14,500 (approximately $10.70) on my corporate card for parking during the reading session. We’ll go to lunch later.”
  • CEO: “The parking fee is crazy. Tell him to do it where the parking lot is.”
  • Manager: “Yes, I will do what you ask.”

  • Manager: “This is Seung Gi hyung schedule. I’m telling you this now because he contacted me last night. 11:30 Dentist
    1:00 p.m. I’ll drop him off at the Gyeonggi-do golf course and return to the office immediately.”
  • CEO: “How many times do I have to tell you that the golf course is his private business.”
  • CEO: “Seung Gi is what he is because you let him.”
  • CEO: “If you don’t want to tell him no and you just want to be his dongseng then leave.”
  • Manager: “I’m sorry. After the last time you told me (about the golf course), I never drove him to the golf course. Unfortunately, Seung Gi hyung left his car in Namyangju after filming his personal content and took a taxi home, so he asked me this one time. I told him that as soon as I dropped him off I would be back at the office and I was on my way.”

  • Manager: “I came to work. I’ll take a car to pick up Seung Gi hyung get a cut.”
  • CEO: “When you’re done cutting, get me something.”
  • Manager: “OK.”
  • CEO: “Where is Manager 2 (another manager)?”
  • Manager: “Manager 2 went to practice.”
  • CEO: “Take your and Manager 2 business cards to the Burberry store. Ask for (a Burberry employee) and pay for my clothes.”
  • CEO: “That’s KRW 3.00 million (around $2,220), so take both cards.”
  • CEO: “When can you go?”
  • Manager: “Okay. I think I’ll make it around 4:00.
  • CEO: “You can also ask for a store manager.”
  • President: “Okay.”
  • CEO: “Take care of it quickly.”

Earlier, Dispatch published an article claiming that Lee Seung Gi had not been paid throughout his music career. The allegations follow a raid by police agents on the agency. Since the allegations, HOOK Entertainment’s CEO has released a statement. You can read her statement in the link below.

HOOK Entertainment’s CEO talks to Lee Seung Gi about fraudulent payouts


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