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The most memorable villain of “The Glory”: a famous actor with amazing acting skills and frequent appearances in mega-hit dramas

The most memorable villain of “The Glory”: a famous actor with amazing acting skills and frequent appearances in mega-hit dramas

“The Glory Part 2” receives countless praises for its satisfying conclusion to a series of endless tortures against three suffering victims: Moon Dong Eun (Song Hye Kyo), Joo Yeo Jeong (Lee Do Hyun) and Kang Hyeon Nam (Yeom Hye) ran).

Kang Yeong Cheon (Lee Moo Saeng), a prisoner who received a death sentence after murdering Joo Yeo Jeong’s father, was the last tormentor to appear on the “Glory: Revenge.

Despite the lack of screen time, this villain was able to instill a haunting presence with his twisted mind and incomprehensible madness. Yeong Cheon has been denied medical treatment in the past because of his notoriety as a killer. Only Yeo Jeong’s father was willing to heal him. However, the doctor made a thoughtless mention of his son and his love of ramen, and was eventually murdered by his own patient.

Once in prison, Yeong Cheon psychologically tortures Yeo Jeong by sending him letters detailing how the murder happened as well as the twisted feeling the killer felt when taking his father’s life.

Lee Moon Saeng

The man behind the role of Kang Yeong Cheon is actor Lee Moo Saeng. He receives praise for playing a truly psychopathic role, especially for his sly smile that sends shivers down the spine.

And it was by no means a prank. Lee Moo Saeng has 18 years of experience behind him, as well as a lot of experimentation with a diverse set of roles. One similar role along the lines of the mad hero was his transformation into Nam Si Hoon in One Spring Night, a dentist who constantly attacks his wife and only thinks about sucking the blood out of her family.

Lee Moon Saeng

Moo Saeng’s handsome, calm and even gentle appearance is actually an asset to his bad roles. This keeps each of his appearances a mystery to viewers, never revealing who he really is until later in the drama. In “The World of the Married”, viewers never imagined that a handsome and warm neuropsychiatrist like Kim Yoon Ki, who even saved the main character from death, was not as good as he seemed.

Lee Moon Saeng

In addition to the antagonistic roles, Lee Moo Saeng had his chances as the protagonists of the dramas. In 2022, he appeared as a troubled talent agent stuck between a cheating and controlling wife and Chan Young (Jeon Mi Do), the woman he has loved all his life and unfortunately discovers that he has late-stage cancer. Their love story was intense yet full of emotion that moved the audience to tears as an inevitable separation loomed over their relationship.

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