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The most popular Girl Group members in September 2022: BLACKPINK Jennie, NewJeans Minji, more!

On September 18, KST, the Korean Business Research Institute announced a brand reputation ranking of female members of the girls’ group for this month. Are you curious if your prejudice was included in the top rankings? From BLACKPINK Jennie to NewJeans Minji, read on for the full list of the most popular members of the girls’ group in September 2022!

BLACKPINK Jennie was ranked 1st among the most popular member of the girls’ group in September 2022.

Winning first place for another month in a row to become the most popular number 1 girly group, BLACKPINK member Jennie!

According to the Korean Business Research Institute, rapper “Shut Down” achieved a combined brand reputation rating of 5,059,756. This includes an attendance index of 483,327, a media index of 996,461, a communication index of 1,735,669, and a community index of 1,844,300.

(Photo: Instagram: @jennierubyjane)

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Compared to the Jennie brand reputation index for the previous month of 5,141,766, its index for September fell 1.59 percent.

When it comes to idol-related terms, Jennie’s top-rated terms are “release”, “special” and “powerful.” Its top-rated keywords for keyword analysis are “World Tour”, “YouTube” and “Billboard”.

When it comes to the ratio of positive to negative BLACKPINK member, Jennie has 85.98 percent positive reactions.

NewJeans Minji and Girls’ Generation YoonA will remain in the top three of the group’s most popular members in September 2022.

Once again, she was in the top three of the most popular members of the girls’ group and moved up one place – debuting idol NewJeans Minji!

New Minji jeans

(Photo: Instagram: @newjeans_official)
New Minji jeans

In September, the Minji brand reputation index is 4,574,344, with a participation index of 1,807,535, a media index of 998,515, a communication index of 732,164 and a community index of 727,762.

Compared to the brand reputation index of the singer “Hype Boy” of August 4,574,344, its index also fell 6.74 percent this month. This is also Minji’s second time on the list.

And finally, dropping one place to land in third place, because the most popular member of the girls ‘group is the veteran idol Girls’ Generation YoonA!


(Photo: Instagram: @yoona__lim)
YoonA girls generation

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The Korean Business Research Institute reveals that YoonA’s reputation score for this month is 4,096,329. This includes 1,210,459 attendance, 853,204 media, 949,523 communication, and 90 4,791 community.

The YoonA index was down 4.35 percent from its 4,096,329 index in the previous month.

30 most popular female members of the girls’ group in September 2022

1. BLACK PINK Jennie

2. New Minji jeans

3. YoonA girls generation

4. Oh my girl Mimi


6. New Hanni jeans


8. Taeyeon girls generation

9. Seohyun of the girls’ generation

10. The new Haerin jeans

11. Yuri girls generation


13. New Hyein jeans

14. Sunny generation of girls

15. Sooyoung girls generation

16. DOUBLE Jihyo

17. Danielle’s new jeans

18. Oh my girlfriend Arin

19. TWICE Jeongyeon

20. IVE Jang Wonyoung

21. IV Liz

22. IVE Gaeul

23. DOUBLE Mina

24. Hyoyeon girls generation

25. The joy of red velvet

26. aespa Karina

27. aespa winter

28. IVE Ahn Yujin

29. IV king

30. IVE Leeseo

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