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The most tempting couples in “Under the Queen’s Umbrella”: Seongnam and Cheongha’s praised couple showing early signs of a breakup?

Whether good or bad, clearly defined or not, these relationships occupy the center of viewers’ attention.

Grand Duke Seongnam and Cheongha

Seongnam and Cheongha are the most loved couple in the series for their adorable encounter during their first meeting outside the palace. During this time, Cheongha lent Seongnam the money he needed to pay Master Toji. Cheongha later developed feelings for Seongnam without knowing his true identity. Through the ups and downs of Cheongha, she became the wife of Seongnam, the new crown prince, overcoming her reluctance to marry.

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Despite Cheongha’s contentment, Seongnam is disappointed to learn of her true identity as the eldest girlfriend of the Minister of War. The question remains whether their marriage can be happily ever after.

Hwang’s wife and doctor Kwon

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Consort Hwang and Physician Kwon have a suspicious relationship that is largely related to the death of the late Crown Prince. In episode 10, it is revealed that Kwon was actually treating Hwang for her digestive issues before he started working for the late Crown Prince.

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As the keeper of many secrets, Hwang was the only person, and later the Queen Dowager, that Euiseong was not the biological child of King Lee Ho. Unsolved mysteries remain the true relationship between Euiseong and Kwon, as well as between Kwon and Consort Hwang.

Grand Duke Muan and Chowol

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Grand Duke Muan has a forbidden love with a courtesan named Chowol. Their paths crossed when the Prince helped her get out of the hands of evil men, and they later became friends. Chowol deliberately hid her true feelings, fully aware of their differences and her origins from the House of Courtesans.

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However, Muan made a breakthrough when he confessed to Chowol only to have Chowol face Queen Hwa-ryeong’s barrier. Viewers will have to wait to see how this relationship unfolds as the Queen joins as another variable in their love line.

Queen Hwa Ryeong and King Lee Ho

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No audience can deny King Lee Ho’s affection for his queen. The subtle expression on the King’s face is enough to show how much he loves the Queen. While he may be reluctant to face the dowager queen, it is Queen Hwa Ryeong’s strength and determination that helps the king take his own actions.

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Because of this, King Lee Ho is always on her side and trusts her judgment. He was pleased when Hwang Ryeong found something wrong with the test fluid in episode 11 and only punished her lightly because he knew that the queen only made mistakes when something was wrong.

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