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The new movie “Remember”, co-created by “A Violent Prosecutor” director Lee Sung Mina and Nam Joo Hyuk, has its first trailer

The first poster and trailer for “Remember” has been released.

On October 26, it was confirmed that the new film “A Violent Prosecutor” by director Lee Il Hyung, “Remember”, will hit theaters. The first poster and trailer appeared.

“Remember” follows Pil Joo, an 80-year-old Alzheimer’s patient, who tries to carry out a revenge plan he has planned for 60 years in search of pro-Japanese who killed his entire family. He joins forces with In Gyu, a young man in his twenties who inadvertently engages in this revenge.

The first published posters show a close-up of Lee Sung Min, Pil Joo’s main character with revenge with a gun, and Nam Joo Hyuk as In Gyu, a young man watching Pil Joo anxiously.

The Chinese character 殺 (sal), meaning “kill”Is tattooed in dark ink on Pil Joo’s rough hand. Pil Joo also tattooed the names of those he seeks revenge on as he doesn’t know when he will lose his memory due to Alzheimer’s disease. This makes viewers wonder what the people who were the target of Pil Joo’s revenge did to him.


Just as death from an incurable brain tumor is approaching, Pil Joo pulls the trigger forcefully towards the enemy, waiting his whole life for it.

The Gyu who is compassionate as he watches Pil Joo increases the curiosity of the story and the dynamics between the two who are like grandfather and grandson.


The trailer, released at the same time, highlights the transformation of Lee Sung Min, who plays an old man in his 80s. The stooped shoulders and husky voice of Pil Joo make viewers forget about Lee Sung Min’s true age.

Pil Joo says calmly: “My name is Han Pil Joo. I am a patient with Alzheimer’s disease. It shows the determination of a man who lost his entire family during the Japanese colonial period and has long planned revenge on his enemies.


There is a young man in Gyu who gets caught up in Pil Joo’s revenge and accompanies him. This character demonstrates a power of empathy and compassion that goes beyond generations.

“Remember” is also being produced by the film company that has produced films such as The Violent Prosecutor, Money, Spy Gone North, and Netflix’s new drama Narco-Saints, raising higher expectations.

“Remember” will be released on October 26th.

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