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The One that Escaped: How Heechul Super Junior Avoided Shipping for a Decade

Dating K-Pop idols can be extremely difficult due to the public nature of their work and the reaction they can face once their relationships are discovered. News agencies often report or reveal idols for dating, and one of the most infamous of this is Get it. However, there is one idol who has managed to avoid being exposed by a news agency for over a decade: Super Junior‘s Heechul!

Heechul Super Junior | SBS

Heechul originally made his debut as a Super Junior member in 2005, ranking 17th in the industry that year. While many assume that due to a lack of rumors or dating disclosures, Heechul just doesn’t date as often. Heechul did admit the opposite!

When he appeared on KBS 1% percent friendship in 2017, Heechul revealed that he was dating “enough to be proud”Which means he dated at least as often as other idols his age!

| KBS / YouTube

This means Heechul is a professional at keeping his relationships a secret. Here are some “creative” ways Heechul makes sure he never gets caught dating!

1. Don’t be friends with one female idol – make friends with all of them!

Heechul is known to be the male idol with the most female friends, and it definitely plays a role in how well he is at being able to hide his relationships. Some of Heechul’s most famous friendships are GirlsGeneration‘s Taeyeon, EXID‘s Hani, Boaand Red velvet‘s Location!

Heechul and BoA

Heechul and Yeri. Red Velvet

2. Seriously, there is no PDA.

Heechul has stated that he doesn’t like to be obvious when he’s in a relationship and does things like lovestagrams or having matching clothing.

Heechul also revealed that he doesn’t like taking pictures with his significant other! The rationale behind this choice is that there is always a chance that one of them will lose their phone and risk finding the photos.

His PDA logic turned out to be true after fans took pictures of him and his ex Girl member Earth holding hands to record a music video, causing rumors about these two to spread.

Former member of GFRIEND Yerin and Heechul.

3. Not too many dates.

Heechul said earlier that he doesn’t see his girlfriends very often, which has created a lot of tension in his previous relationships. According to him, he only dated some of his girlfriends once a month, and rarely one on one!

Heechul even admitted that he hesitated to travel with his significant other! During the episode Where are you going, Ddaenchul? Heechul mentioned that he cannot go on tours due “how sensitive it is for me to meet people.

4. Don’t mention your exes.

One of the things Heechul refuses is to refer to his exes by name. Although he will openly discuss his past relationships, when he is asked to name the other party, he closes up. During the episode TVN‘s Life BarHeechul and Do call Discuss a time when a woman might have been dating them at the same time, but Heechul refuses to give any clue as to who it might be, even though it was around the time they debuted!

5. Talk about your likes and perfect type.

Heechul was very open about the idols he considered his ideal type or had a crush on. This may seem as if it would have the opposite effect, but has been found to distract attention from the real potential significant others. In fact, many fans initially thought that the dating news between Heechul and Momo Twice was just rumors until it was officially confirmed!

Heechul and Momo at MBC’s Weekly Idol in 2016, long before their relationship was confirmed in January 2020 | MBC

One of Heechul’s longest crush and the perfect type, Ahh Soheeappeared on Knowing Brothers where she actually had him judge the different women he had proclaimed as his ideal type.

These are just some of the many ways Heechul avoids disclosing his relationships! While he tries not to talk about his relationships, he did discuss what a boyfriend he is, which you can check out below!

Heechul reveals what a boyfriend he is in romantic relationships


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