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The Queen’s Latest Funeral: Tens of thousands stand in the night lines to see Elizabeth II’s coffin in Edinburgh

Queen Elizabeth II’s retinue arrives at the Palace of Holyroodhouse in Edinburgh

Tens of thousands of people lined the streets and queued for hours to pay tribute to the late Queen Elizabeth II.

The mourners stood all night to see the queen’s coffin in St.

Members of the public are already lining up to see lying in Queen State at Westminster Hall, which opens on Wednesday.

Lord Ian Duncan, deputy speaker of the House of Lords, said the crowds along the Royal Mile were “ten each”.

“The huge number of people moving to Edinburgh today (points out) that there will be many tens, perhaps even hundreds of thousands of people who will be willing to pay tribute to the late Queen,” Lord Duncan told Radio National of the Australian Broadcasting Corporation. program.

King Charles III is due to visit Northern Ireland for the first time today as the new monarch.

His Majesty will leave Scotland with the Queen Consort for Belfast and return to London in the evening.


Prince Andrew Heckler charged with “breach of peace” after incident at the Queen’s procession in Edinburgh

A man arrested for abusing Prince Andrew as the Queen’s funeral procession passed along the Royal Mile in Edinburgh was charged.

A 22-year-old man, who has not been named by the Scottish police, is charged with “violating the peace” – the same crime charged against a woman holding the “abolition of the monarchy” sign during the Charles III proclamation on Sunday.

Our home affairs editor Lizzie Dearden reports:


King leaves Edinburgh for Belfast

The King has left the Palace of Holyroodhouse in Edinburgh.

The new monarch took an alternative route than expected, choosing not to drive up the Royal Mile and bypassed St Giles Cathedral, where small crowds had gathered.

He will go to Edinburgh Airport, from where he will fly to Belfast.






“Stay calm,” and be prepared for large crowds, says the former Tory leader of the Westminster Queues

Former Tory leader Lord Hague said it was best not to “spread the idea” that queuing for the queen would be a “terrible problem.”

Said Times Radio: “It’s very hard to say in terms of numbers, true if you are preparing for this event, but I think it’s best to be calm and the police and others will arrange for it. and not really trying to spread the idea of ​​”oh, this is going to be a terrible problem, it’s gonna be overcrowded, you’re gonna have to wait too long.”

“It can also be counterproductive when people say,” Well, if there’s going to be that big crowd, we’ve got to be there. “

“Or if you’re telling us not to go, well, ‘then we want to go’ – that’s quite the British reaction when we say ‘then we’re going’.

“It will be special. Of course, this is a one-of-a-kind event. So there will be huge crowds as we saw in Edinburgh, huge crowds yesterday.

“I think that everyone – all organizers, policemen should bow to calm preparation and not try too much to guess the public.”


Dozens of people are starting to queue to see the Queen’s coffin in London

People have already started queuing to see Queen Elizabeth II’s coffin lying in the state of London.

The sympathetic started on Monday, September 12, on the south side of the Lambeth Bridge, where the entrance to the funicular is to be set up – two days before the funicular opens.

Millions are expected to pay tribute to the deceased monarch whose coffin will lie in Westminster Hall from 5 p.m. Wednesday until the morning of the September 19 funeral.


Nicola Sturgeon reveals a “tight” moment with the queen’s corgis

Scotland’s First Minister, Nicola Sturgeon, revealed a “tense” moment she witnessed at Queen Elizabeth II’s corgis.

Speaking in the Scottish Parliament on Monday (September 12) to King Charles III and Camilla, Queen Consort, Sturgeon recalled how she and her husband Peter had visited the Queen at Balmoral.

“Recently, other leaders shared stories with Balmoral about Prince Philip’s barbecues while the Queen is at the table. These are memories that I cherish as well, particular times of what clearly was their happy place, Sturgeon began.

“But I did have one rather tense moment at Balmoral,” she added.


Princess Anna makes history by guarding the queen’s coffin during the princes’ vigil

Princess Anna made history by becoming the first royal woman to take part in the Princes’ Vigil, which until then had been led by male members of the royal family.

On Monday (August 12), all four children of Queen Elizabeth II gathered around her coffin for vigil at St. Giles in Edinburgh.

Princess Anna wore the ceremonial navy uniform for this.

During the ceremony, King Charles III and his siblings – the Royal Princess, the Duke of York, and the Earl of Wessex – took their seats on the four sides of the oak coffin that was draped over the Lion Wall and the flag of St. Andrew, and decorated with the Crown of Scotland.


In the photos: a public gathering to see the Queen lying in state in Edinburgh and London

Thousands of mourners lined the streets of Edinburgh to pay tribute to the Queen’s Coffin, which is located in St. Giles.

The coffin will be brought from Scotland to London on Tuesday evening and will remain in Westminster Hall until Monday’s funeral.

Members of the public and security began flocking in central London, waiting and preparing for the huge crowds that would flock to see the late Queen.

People are lining up to view the coffin with the body of British Queen Elizabeth II in St. Giles


Security personnel are gathering for deployment near Palace of Westminster, London


Vanessa, Anne and Grace, left to right, wait in front of the Palace of Westminster to say goodbye to Queen Elizabeth II first in line



The video shows the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II in 1953 in a refreshed clip

Recordings of the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II in 1953 have emerged, showing the deceased monarch as a 25-year-old at the beginning of her 70-year reign.

The video shows the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II in 1953 in a refreshed clip


Charles becomes the first king to visit Northern Ireland in 80 years

King Charles III will carry out a series of commitments in Northern Ireland on Tuesday as part of the program of visits by the new monarch to Great Britain.

Prior to their visit, members of the Northern Ireland Assembly will return to Stormont on Monday for a special meeting to pay tribute to the Queen and an open book of condolence.

In a letter to the MLA, speaker Alex Maskey said it was right for representatives to meet to pay tribute as the death of the Queen was “an historic global event.”


A royal expert explains why Prince Harry may not be allowed to wear a military uniform on the Queen’s vigil

Royal biographer Hugo Vickers explained why Prince Harry was not allowed to wear a military uniform during Queen Elizabeth II’s vigil.

The expert discussed the matter in the Tuesday (September 13) episode Good morning Great Britain.

On Monday (September 12) it was reported that the Duke of Sussex was denied the possibility of wearing a military uniform while mourning the Queen, despite the fact that his disgraced uncle, the Duke of York, would be allowed to do so during the vigil.

Harry, who saw the action on the front line during two missions in Afghanistan, will be dressed in plain clothes for official events, including the state funeral of the deceased monarch.

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