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The reason why the police are not investigating even if this famous actor is falsely accused of school violence

The actor involved in the controversy over “school violence” opened his mouth after a year.

On September 16, actor Dong Ha made an official statement and completely denied the allegations that he had physically and mentally abused his classmates during school hours.

He stressed “I have had time to take a harder look at myself. I can definitely say that I am not a perpetrator of school violence. “

In March last year, Dong Ha filed a complaint against a person who reported his suspicions of school violence through Seoul Gangnam Police Station on charges of: “Spreading false facts and defamation.”

But he couldn’t shake his suspicions.

The position of the police was very absurd.

Dong Ha said: “The police response was that” the charges are sufficient, but the initial entry has been removed so the suspect cannot be identified. ” The investigation is over.

Although it is a frustrating situation, Dong Ha plans to continue legal action against the spread of false information in the future.

He insisted on clearing up any misunderstandings about himself.

After being found the perpetrator of school violence, Dong Ha could do nothing.

Dong Ha, who has dreamed of becoming an actor since junior high, said: “I want to go back to my main job and say hello to a lot of people. I will wait for the day when, thanks to good deeds, I will be able to meet many people again. “

Dong Ha, whose work has been cut off due to controversy alone, appears to be a victim of cybernetic public opinion.

Sports Seoul announced on September 17 that Dong Ha had such a difficult time that he could make an extreme choice.

According to the report, Dong Ha’s homeroom teacher also defended him when he was in Joongdong High School.

The class teacher revealed: “Students who said they had experienced violence at school were very close to Dong Ha. As far as I know, Dong Ha has never bullied or attacked them. The class teacher added that the online claim that a Dong Ha School Violence Control Commission had taken place was also untrue.

Dong Ha’s allegations of school violence began last March.

Last March, a post appeared on COEX Mall in Samseong-dong saying they had been attacked and verbally insulted by Dong Ha, including a slap in the face, at the COEX Mall in Samseong-dong.

At the time, the J Wide Company agency announced that it was unfounded.

However, the media later reported that a person named A with a severe intellectual disability also suffered from insulting language and assault by Dong Ha for over a year while he was in high school, which was controversial.

Meanwhile, Dong Ha made his 2009 debut with the KBS drama “A Random Couple.”

He gained recognition by appearing in “Empire of Gold” SBS, “Suspicious Partner”, “Judge vs. Judge “,” Glamorous Temptation “MBC,” A Beautiful Mind “KBS2,” Homemade Love Story “…

Dong Ha gave a passionate performance as Park Myung-suk in KBS2’s “Good Manager” which was very popular.

He has also played the main character in many of KBS2’s movies and dramas, but it’s unclear if viewers will be able to see him again as his image has already been ruined.

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