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The relationship between Hyun Bin

It seems the in-laws are very fond of Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin.

After their dream wedding in March, the “power couple” Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin have sweet days together as they await their firstborn baby. They also turn out to be a perfect match thanks to their close relationship with their in-laws

Hyun Bin calling himself “Daegu’s son-in-law” and the reaction of Son Ye Jin’s parents

On September 18, during the promotion of the new movie “Confidential Assignment 2: International,” Hyun Bin visited Daegu, where he was warmly welcomed. This visit is extremely significant considering that Daegu is Son Ye Jin’s hometown and the crowd welcoming Hyun Bin also calls him “Daegu’s son-in-law”.

The moment he heard about the new nickname, Hyun Bin smiled as radiantly as his son, even thanking the fans and saying, “Yes, it’s me, Daegu’s son-in-law“. Hearing this, actor Park Hoon, who was standing next to Hyun Bin, burst out laughing.

The bright face of Hyun Bin when he heard the pseudonym “Son-in-law of Daegu” shows great joy
hyun bin son ye jin
“Daegu’s son-in-law” must be dearly loved by Son Ye Jin’s parents

In addition, Hyun Bin has received enthusiastic support from his family and Son Ye Jin on his new project. At the VIP premiere of Confidential Assignment 2: International, many fans noticed the actor’s parents as well as his in-laws. When you see Son Ye Jin and Hyun Bin’s parents together, it’s easy to guess that the two families are very close and happy with their marriage.

hyun bin son ye jin
Hyun Bin’s father and Son Ye Jin’s parents were spotted at the VIP premiere of “Confidential Assignment 2: International”
hyun bin son ye jin
The two families seem to be in a close relationship

Emotional hugs at the wedding of the century

During the wedding of Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin, the moment the newlyweds received blessings and advice from their parents quickly became popular. Moreover, you can see Hyun Bin hug her father-in-law tightly while Son Ye Jin did the same with her mother-in-law.

hyun bin son ye jin
The moment when Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin hug their in-laws arouses emotions in many people

Son Ye Jin’s close relationship with his mother-in-law

If Hyun Bin is adored by Son Ye Jin’s parents, Son Ye Jin also enjoyed the same sympathy from the Hyun Bin family. This is clearly seen in the hidden details in various posts by Son Ye Jin on the SNS.

In particular, many fans have discovered that next to the cake posted by Son Ye Jin, there are birthday greetings for her mother-in-law. Since Hyun Bin’s mother’s birthday was just a few days earlier, many speculated that the couple must have hosted a party for this special occasion. It was also reported that Son Ye Jin chose an upscale restaurant with a beautiful design for his birthday party.

hyun bin son ye jin
Son Ye Jin posted a photo of her mother-in-law’s birthday cake
hyun bin son ye jin
A luxurious meal that Son Ye Jin prepared for his mother-in-law

According to various sources, Hyun Bin’s mother is very fond of the wonderful, talented and kind Son Ye Jin. She made the actress’s favorite dishes and offered a pair of BinJin delicious traditional meals every time they visited.

Source: K14


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