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The return of GOT the Beat 2023: The Pink Bloods have mixed reactions to Supergroup’s return

The return of GOT the Beat 2023: The Pink Bloods have mixed reactions to Supergroup’s return

People have been expressing their excitement for the upcoming return of SM supergroup GOT the Beat in 2023. Here’s what people say.

GOT the Beat thrills fans back in 2023

On December 23, SPOTV News reported that supergroup SM GOT the Beat will release a new song in January next year.

(Image: Girls on Top Twitter)

SM Entertainment stated in response to the news how GOT the Beat will be preparing for its return in 2023 and how to anticipate its release.

“GOT the Beat is preparing to return in January 2023. Please wait for their return.”

On January 3 this year, SM Entertainment made a big start with the debut of the sub-unit Girls On Top GOT the Beat. The group is made up entirely of women, including distinctive groupings of girls from different generations of SM.

Its members include fourth-generation idols Winter and Karina from the rookie monster group, aespa.

They are joined by Red Velvet members Seulgi and Wendy of Red Velvet, a prominent third generation SM girl group.

SM Entertainment girls at the top

(Photo: Twitter-GOT)

The second-generation members are followed by Taeyeon and Hyoyeon of SNSD, the iconic second-generation girl group that helped shape K-pop.

Finally, they are joined by the legendary first-generation idol BoA, who rules the scene with her charisma.

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Fans and many Pink Bloods (SM states) were amazed at the girl group’s versatility and hailed it as one of the most versatile supergroups ever created. They were also shocked at how much power and stage presence are combined in one group.

GOT the Beat / Girls on Top

(Image: Girls on Top Twitter)

“Something big is coming! I Love you girls!”

“Heol crazy, I’m fucking excited!”

SM Entertainment has been called upon to enhance the return of GOT The Beat

However, other fans expressed their concerns about the lyrics. Some suggested to give a better comeback with good lyrical context and throw in unnecessary high notes in the song.

“I think Step Back’s high-scoring buffet was justified for this kind of song, and given the supergroup they’ve built, it’s equipped with strong singers like Wendy, Seulgi, Winter, and Taeyeon. If it’s a different genre then yes, I hope it will be cooler in the high notes, but I’m sure at least Wendy and Taeyeon will still have some high notes.

“I didn’t listen to their previous song because of the lyrics, but I hope they get a good song this time. Please pay attention to the text.”

“As long as they get good lyrics now, they’ll be perfect. Can’t wait”.

“I really like GOT the Beat so please give them good lyrics.”

“Okay but please stop more of this ‘get your hands off my hands’ take me for bullshit with demon souls singing in the background. Seriously, what was that? You had such a great idea to create a group of successful Avengers women in K-pop and this is what you came up with?”

“Give them a good girl power anthem! The SM creative team really needs to pull this together because their content hasn’t been like this for the past 5 years or so.”

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