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The rose from BLACKPINK really looks like an angel at a Tiffany & Co. party. in Japan, and Internet users are shocked by the price of her necklace

As K-Pop gains popularity around the world, it seems as though brands from all over the world are struggling to be represented by idols.

BLACK PINK it’s no different, and all four members are ambassadors for some of the world’s biggest brands. Especially, Rose always attracted the attention of Internet users as an ambassador Tiffany & co.

Pink BLACKPINK | @ hope_pl / Instagram

From the beginning of her cooperation with the brand, she is the perfect ambassador, presenting her dazzling visual effects and unparalleled charms wherever she goes. Whether it’s a photoshoot or an event, Rosé is always the highlight.

| @ hope_pl / Instagram

| @ hope_pl / Instagram

It was no different when Rosé went to Tokyo for The Botanica Blue Book 2022 exhibition. Even before arriving in Tokyo, the idol looked absolutely stunning at the airport, shining with a simplistic but sophisticated black look.

For many, it was a surprise event and no one knew it until Rosé shared an invitation and a special gift from the brand on her Instagram account.

| @ hope_pl / Instagram

Fortunately, fans didn’t have to wait long to see Rosé shine.

Idolka shared some photos of herself in the car on the way to the event. As always, Rosé looked like a model wearing a beautiful white dress that appeared to be made of angels. Her visuals complemented the look perfectly and made her look like a movie star.

| @ hope_pl / Instagram

When she arrived, Rosé looked even more ethereal as she walked around the iconic blue carpet. Along with a beautiful white dress, Rosé has combined the styling with chunky black stilettos and, of course, a few characteristic accessories of Tiffany & Co.

| @ BlackPinkGLOBAL / Twitter

| @ BlackPinkGLOBAL / Twitter

| @ BlackPinkGLOBAL / Twitter

Even in the movies, Rosé looked like a catwalk model floating on the carpet and taking your breath away with her angelic visuals. The cameras could flash, but Rosé was a complete professional and smartly made her way to take pictures.

| My navigation messages[Rozrywka/hobby]/ YouTube

| My navigation messages[Rozrywka/hobby]/ YouTube

The media then had the opportunity to take a look at Rosé’s outfit and gave Internet users a full view of the finished outfit. Of course, they took care of the close-up of the beautiful visual effects of the idol …

| @ WWDJAPAN / Twitter

Another reason they focused on Rosé’s face was because of the beautiful necklace she was wearing. It was a piece of Botanica Blue Book collection, and it was ton “Jean Schlumberger for Tiffany Flowers and Leaves” necklace.

As expected, this beautiful product perfectly complemented Rosé’s visuals and showed how much she is loved and respected by the brand.

Another reason it attracted attention was its shocking price. According to Japanese media, the necklace is expected to cost over 300 million yen (or just over $ 2 million) at the event and makes it the most expensive item the K-Pop idol has ever worn.

$ 2 million necklace | Muslin & What.

No wonder that Internet users could not come to terms with Rosé’s visualizations and the fact that she was so loved by the brand that they entrusted her with such an expensive product. Sometimes expensive items can become the center of attention, but Rosé wore them perfectly, which allowed her to shine through her own visuals.

Source: My navigation messages[Rozrywka/hobby]


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