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The Simpsons decided to bring back the notorious figure – after 33 years

The Simpsons decided to bring back the notorious figure – after 33 years

The Simpsons is set to bring back a familiar early character – 33 years after his last appearance.

The first season of the long-running cartoon featured a character named Jacques in the 1990 episode “Life On the Fast Lane”.

Voiced by comedian and filmmaker Albert Brooks, Jacques was a French bowling instructor who attracts the attention of Marge Simpson.

Eventually, however, Marge decides not to accept Jacques’ romantic advances and stays with Homer.

On Sunday (March 19), the character will return in the season 34 episode titled “Pin Girl”.

The official synopsis for the episode reads, “A mysterious figure from Marge’s past returns to lead her to a bowling tournament.”

Showrunner Al Jean confirmed on social media that the “mysterious figure” will actually be Jacques, voiced again by Brooks.

While this will be the first time Brooks has returned to the role, Contemporary Romance the filmmaker lent his voice to many other characters The Simpsons during his run.

His other one-time roles include villain Hank Scorpio in the classic season eight episode “You Only Move Twice”, motivational speaker Brad Goodman in “Bart’s Inner Child” and Russ Cargill in The Simpsons movie.

Jacques has made several non-speaking cameo appearances since his original appearance, but “Pin Girl” marks the first time the character has been revived in a proper role.

Earlier this year, one of the writers and former showrunners The Simpsons explained a bizarre error in one early episode.

Last month, it was reported that an episode of the series was removed from Disney Plus in Hong Kong over a joke about “forced labor camps” in China.

In this episode, Marge shows pictures of the Great Wall of China in an exercise class when her instructor says, “Here are the wonders of China. Bitcoin mines, forced labor camps where kids make smartphones.”


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