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The star of Gangneung, who won the top prize in the “dialect competition”, turns out to be Jeon Yeon-bin

Jeon Yeo-bin has been famous for a long time

Jeon Yeo-bin (born 1989) comes from Gangneung. Even before her debut, she proved her talent by winning the main prize in the 2011 Gangneung Dialect Contest.

Given this as an opportunity, she received good grades in a college interview, emphasizing the Gangneung dialect as her specialty.

Jeon Yeo-bin, who shared her time and strengthened her inner stability by controlling activities outside of the mainstream subjects during her school days, confessed that she worked for 2 years as theater staff at Daehak-ro.

She accidentally watched the movie “Dead Poets Society” to ease the stress caused by poor grades by dreaming of becoming a doctor. Then she realized her dream of becoming an actress. She finally entered the broadcasting and entertainment department at Dongduk Women’s University.

Maybe that is why she made her debut at a rather late age with the film “Zdrada” from 2015. The story behind it is also very interesting. The main reason was a photo taken by her older brother, who specialized in photography. The photo of her brother created a mysterious atmosphere and he posted it on the SNS, after which the official offered to be interviewed.

jeon yeo bin

Thus, Jeon Yeo-bin gradually built her filmography, playing minor roles and supporting roles. She impressed viewers when she appeared in Moon So-ri’s directorial work, “Runaway Actress.”

However, the movie that made “Jeon Yeo-bin” comet debutant was probably “After My Death”.

Released in 2018, “After My Death” won the Actor of the Year Award at the 22nd Busan International Film Festival and the Independent Star Award at the 43rd Seoul Independent Film Festival. The 56th Daejong Award for Best New Actress made Jeon Yeo-bin a rising star of Chungmuro.

Jeon Yeo-bin

And now there’s the Jeon Yeo-bin we know best about. In the drama “Vincenzo,” her role as Hong Cha-young, a spicy lawyer without blood and tears, caught attention and immediately became popular.

In fact, the role of a mad lawyer like Hong Cha-young is nothing new to the actress. Jeon Yeo-bin, who has a thousand faces, played various similar characters in the drama “Be Melodramatic” and the movie “Secret Zoo”.

Most recently, she played a dark role in “Night in Paradise,” directed by Park Hoon-jung. However, after this role, Jeon is going to show you the sweet and weird charm in Netflix’s “Glitch”.

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“Glitch” is a drama in which Ji-hyo, who witnessed the aliens, and Bo-ra, who tracks down the aliens, come closer to the reality of an “unidentified” mystery, chasing the whereabouts of Ji-hyo’s boyfriend, who disappeared without a trace. Jeon Yeo-bin plays the role of Hong Ji-hyo, an alien sighting witness.

Glitch is available on the screen section of this year’s Busan International Film Festival. Jeon Yeo-bin is expected to return with a unique story full of curiosity and adventure while working with Na -na.

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