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The teaser of NCT 127 “2 Baddies” changes the release date – are you afraid of the return of this group?

NCT 127’s return video trailer for “2 bad”Was postponed the day before after it was first announced that it would be released on September 14, 6:00 PM KST.

NCTzens are now contesting the new date as SM Entertainment has not specified the reason for the change. Are they afraid it might bury another group’s return? Read more to know!

NCT 127 Releases MV “2 Baddies” Trailer

After being released highlight the compilation in the case of “2 Baddies”, NCT 127 also revealed a change to the premiere date of the music video on their official SNS.

Some NCTzens don’t mind the idea, as they’ll be able to see the teaser of the music video for “2 Baddies” a day earlier than originally planned.

Still, many are curious why SM Entertainment postponed this. Others find it amusing that the company is not delaying schedules for the first time.

Here’s what Korean fans are saying through theqoo.

“I understand this is good news for the fans, but I’m just curious why SM always changes its plans this way at the last minute. It’s not like they were a mom and a pop-shop … “

“This is rather good”

This is pretty good. Come faster ㅜ

“Can’t wait”

“I thought they would push it away again”

“They are releasing things early now ㅋㅋ ㅋㅋㅋ”

Is SM Entertainment just disorganized or is it afraid of another group’s return?

Among the many theories about the change, some NCTzens speculate that the date change could be due to the return of BLACKPINK.

“Was there anything that would diminish their value?”

BLACKPINK is to officially return to the music scene with its second regular album “BORN PINK” On September 16, NCT 127 will release “2 Baddies” on the same day.

(Photo: NCT 127 – Twitter)
NCT 127 “2 Baddies” Live Countdown

Nevertheless, some NCTzens make fun of this change with the phrase, “Slow down! We’re going faster! “

“Did they do it for the bigger picture? The slogan “we’re going faster” is pretty good “

On Twitter, people also say that the change of date is obviously intentional as if there was a mistake it would have been postponed to a day later.

NCT 127 Comeback Group Trailer

(Photo: NCT 127 – Twitter)
NCT 127 “2 Baddies” changes the release date – are you afraid of the return of this group?

“This change is probably intentional in terms of concept, and of course it doesn’t make sense that if it’s a mistake, they changed it for the DAY BEFORE. And look at the signature. I think it’s a good strategy but of course people got it bad and he’s furious hahahaha “

However, there are still fans of NCT 127 who figured it might be just one of SM Entertainment’s mistakes.

The group first mentioned their return on August 31 this year and officially confirmed it on their Twitter account, posting the date of the concert.

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