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The track listing for BTS RM’s “Indigo” album features The Collaborations Of Our Dreams

It’s finally happening!

December 2 BTS‘s RM will release a long-awaited solo album titled Indigo. As the big day draws near, Great hit music reveals exciting new design details.

indigo | @BIGHIT_MUSIC/Twitter

Today, IndigoThe official tracklist, featuring many collaborations with talented musicians, has been published. The band includes an American rapper Anderson Paakamerican singer Erykah Baduand more.

“All Day” features a longtime role model and BTS industry legend, Table With Epic high school. “You’ve all wanted this for so longTablo wrote on Twitter. “We too.

Minutes later, Tablo tweeted again, suggesting more exciting news is coming soon. Could this be a world tour with RM?

Given how much Tablo and RM admire each other, this collaboration wasn’t a matter of “if” but “when”. Epik High and BTS have been rooting for each other for years and have worked together in the past. Suga collaborated with Epik High on their EP Insomnia in__________writing the song “Eternal Sunshine”.

BTS meets Epik High as rookies. | @bts_twt/Twitter

Now fans of both groups can’t wait to add “All Day” (and anyone else Indigo track) to your playlists!

Read more about BTS’ story with Epik High here.

Legends supporting legends: Over 10 times BTS and Epik High cheered each other on


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