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The video shows racist insults and insults directed at US soldiers walking around the mall

Some social media users were shocked and outraged after a video surfaced online showing a man spewing verbal abuse and racist slurs at American soldiers.

in clipwhich has been viewed more than 800,000 times since it was shared on Twitter, a group of uniformed US soldiers can be seen walking around a mall in supposedly Poland.

The person shooting the video follows the soldiers and starts hurling insults at them. The individual recording does not sound native and has an accent that appears to be Canadian or American.

Even though he is not a citizen, the recorder continues to harass the soldiers, telling them that they are not welcome in Poland. He asks them if they have come to “spread sodomy”.

The soldiers seem annoyed with the man but move on. The recorder continues to hurl insults at the men, including singling out a black soldier and warning him to “stay away from these white women.”

The Black Soldier’s colleague, who seems visibly frustrated by the remarks, is then seen putting a hand on his shoulder and encouraging him to move on.

The man recording the footage follows the soldiers even outside the mall door and continues to verbally harass the men.

“You’re in a white country now, we don’t worship niggers and Mexicans,” he shouts to the soldiers.

At this point, the soldier who had initially reached out to comfort the black soldier stops as if about to confront the recording man. The Black Soldier then reaches out to his colleague and seems to convince him to just leave the area. The man recording the video does not follow the soldiers to the parking lot.

In response to the footage, which has since gone viral on Twitter, many people praised the soldiers for the way they handled the interaction.

“I was proud of how they handled it and it lifted my spirits,” he wrote one person.

“I couldn’t be more proud of you if you were my own sons. . You walked with dignity and courage. Thank you very much for your service and honor. You make the United States proud of you every day,” he wrote other person.

In a statement to Independent, U.S. Army Media Relations Director Terence Kelley said he was reviewing the footage to determine its authenticity and praised the soldiers for how they responded to the situation: “The U.S. Army expects all soldiers to uphold the Army’s values ​​on and off duty We express our appreciation to all Soldiers who show discipline and restraint when confronted with provocative behavior.”


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