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The well-known brand was suspected of mocking its model … The fury of the fans poured out

The cosmetics brand Nature Republic, whose advertising model is the group “NCT 127”, annoys fans with a slip of the tongue.

On November 21, Nature Republic posted an event notification on their official Twitter account for their “NCT 127” advertising model.

The content of the event was that the winners drawn from the applicants would be presented with NCT 127 autographed Polaroid photos.

In a Nature Republic post, he said: “The Polaroid campaign ended yesterday. We were supposed to announce the winners in December, in case tens of thousands of people applied. However, we didn’t manage to gather even 1000 people, so today we will announce the winners. Please give me a lot of attention“.

NCT 127 marks

Fans claimed that Nature Republic was mocking their role model and fandom for having fewer applicants than expected. Fans were furious saying:Answer the phone from the official Nature Republic account administrator“, “Does it make sense for a brand to voluntarily downgrade its model?“…

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Now the controversial tweet has been deleted. Nature Republic then posted an apology on its official Twitter account on November 22.

Nature Republic apologized, “We apologize for the inconvenience to fans of NCT 127 due to the inappropriate choice of words and phrases. We will humbly accept all feedback and show a careful and responsible attitude in writing posts on Twitter“.

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However, even after the apology was sent, the reaction of netizens was lukewarm. Internet users from the online community “theqoo” responded: “I’m already offended“, “I don’t see sincerity in the apology” and “An apology is shorter than a controversial post“.

Source: Wikitree


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