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These 7 songs dominated the Melon 2022 chart in real time: “INVU”, “Still Life”, more

These 7 songs dominated the Melon 2022 chart in real time: “INVU”, “Still Life”, more

Melon released a list of songs that surfaced in real time. As for Melon 2022 real-time charts, here are the 7 K-pop songs that dominated the chart. It shows how much fans love these songs due to their popularity and reputation.

Without further ado, this list will feature the 7 K-pop songs that made Melon’s chart.

1. “INVU” by Taeyeon

Taeyeon’s “INVU” is one of 2022’s instant hits. Fans love the song’s focus on emotion and openness. Instead of using heavy drops, “INVU” aims to create an atmosphere for its listeners. The song is known to put anyone who listens to it into a trance, along with Taeyeon’s powerful vocals.

2. “Still Life” by BIGBANG

The inclusion of BIGBANG’s “Still Life” in this list shows how much this song is loved by VIPs. Compared to BIGBANG’s releases, it transitions into a slow-tempo track. The K-pop royal family has released a ballad that consists of a singing-like format driven by a simple guitar instrument and drums. “Still Life” will forever remain in their versatile discography.

3. BTS’s “Yet Ahead”

BTS’ “Yet To Come” brings fans another nostalgic vibe. Loved by ARMY, “Yet To Come” is one of the most memorable songs in BTS’s discography. He is known as an indicator in BTS’ breakthrough career. No wonder it entered the Melon 2022 charts in real time!

4. “Left and Right” by BTS Jungkook and Charlie Puth

“Left and Right” made waves this year, making the song chart on Melon in real time. The song is popular for its memorable melody in the chorus. It is also ideal for night rides due to its digestible pace.

5. “Pink Venom” by BLACKPINK

“Pink Venom” hits the charts thanks to energetic beats, rap and popularity! On YouTube, it has now amassed 478 million views since its release. This alone proves how much fans appreciate this song!

6. “Shut Down” by BLACKPINK

Here’s another bop from BLACKPINK! “Shut Down” is a rhythmic chorus, coupled with memorable rap passages and verses. It is also one of the songs from 2022 that went viral, due to its trap-based structure and mix of instrumental violins.

7. “Ditto” from NewJeans

NewJeans’ “Ditto” continued to hit Melon’s charts in real time despite its recent release! In addition to the gloomy vibe of the song from the 90s, he also used a unique approach in his music videos. Combining amazing elements and a sentimental narrative to its roots, “Ditto” will remain a fan favorite.

Do you have any other favorite songs in mind? Let us know in the comments below

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