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These K-pop idols have been hailed as ‘young and rich’ – here are 3 reasons

These K-pop idols have been hailed as ‘young and rich’ – here are 3 reasons

(Image: IU, Jennie (Kpop Wiki))

According to a Korean variety show, these artists were the unparalleled idols of K-pop’s “Young and Rich”! Aside from their status in the music scene, read on to find out their reasons for adopting the moniker.

IU, the alluring goddess of beauty… a romantic mood for the end of the year

(Image credit: IU (News1)

In the entertainment program KBS 2TV “All Year Live” which aired on December 15, IU was crowned as one of the “Young & Rich” representatives of K-pop idols.

Firstly, IU established herself in the music industry at the very young age of 16 when she made her solo debut in 2008. She was instantly loved for her sweet vocals and clean personality, earning the titles “Nation’s Little Sister” and “Nation’s Honey.”

Over the years, IU has solidified her status as one of Korea’s top singer-songwriters and has consistently won daesang awards since she was 10, 20 and 30 years old.

IU, a handful of waist + side slit, bold summer fashion!

(Image credit: IU Instagram)

With her immense influence and impact, she became the first Korean singer to perform at Jamsil Sports Complex, the main Olympic stadium.

The second reason why she deserves this title is her growing popularity in the world of fashion and advertising.

Currently, IU works as a global ambassador for the luxury brand Gucci, as well as modeling and the face of various national brands, which confirms her popularity.

IU, in a pure white dress... Blue Dragon Film Awards Popularity Trophy

(Image credit: IU Instagram)

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Third, IU, in addition to being successful at a young age, also achieves staggering wealth compared to her peers. IU owned a luxury villa in Gangnam+gu that made headlines after obtaining a top sale price of 13 billion won ($11.7 million) in cash.

Currently, the apartment where IU lives is a penthouse in Korea in Han River View, and is also known as a celebrity apartment where Yoo In Na, Zico and Crush live.

BLACKPINK Jennie is not only a representative of “Human Chanel”, but also of “Young and Rich”.

BLACKPINK Jennie jokingly teased by fans for saying she doesn't wear red outfits

(Photo: Jennie (Instagram)

In addition to IU, BLACKPINK Jennie has also been hailed as the “Young & Rich” representative of K-pop stars. The 26-year-old star debuted in 2016 as BLACKPINK and became a global K-pop idol. Jennie was a popular YG Entertainment intern before her debut. Her popularity became more evident after the release of her solo single “SOLO”, which became a huge hit.

During this time, she became the top solo artist in Korea, topping the US Billboard sales chart and gaining recognition as a solo artist around the world.


(Photo: Instagram: @jennierubyjane)

In addition to her musical influences, Jennie’s personal brand reputation in fashion and advertising has also been unrivaled.

Jennie became Asia Channel’s first global ambassador, and during the recent Paris Fashion Week show, her media worth was revealed and known to be around 4.3 billion won, which took people by surprise. The effect of Jennie’s photo ad is so big.

BLACKPINK Jennie jokingly teased by fans for saying she doesn't wear red outfits

(Photo: Jennie (Instagram)

As for her financial capabilities, Jennie owns a luxury villa known to be worth 6 billion won, and the furniture was worth millions and even hundreds of millions of won.

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Written by Eunice Dawson.


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