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THESE SM artists noticed at the wedding – who tied the knot?

On October 30, 2022, TE legendary K-pop artists from the mighty powerhouse of SM Entertainment’s talents were seen by fans who confirmed their presence at the wedding.

But the question arises – who tied the knot? Are they from SM Entertainment too? Scroll through this article to drink some tea.

These acclaimed SM artists confirmed their attendance at the wedding

The first half of October was considered “love month” as many bands in the K-pop and K-Drama industry bonded. More recently, on October 15, 2022, the wedding of two fan site masters gained popularity as K-pop fans felt love in the air.

Thanks to a simple invitation filled with flowers, wedding rings and a necklace distributed on the Internet, Internet users conveyed their wishes to the newly wed couple.

On the other hand, another wedding photo went viral on the internet as TVXQ and SHINee managers got married to each other! After this announcement, MS states could not hide their surprise.

(Photo: Twitter || @KSGUpdates)

Here are some of the fan comments:

“It’s kind of mental that the SHINee manager has married the TVXQ XD manager”

“So the TVXQ manager got married to the SHinee manager”

“The Minho-Changmin effect !!!”

“Congratulations to the REAL SM family!”

“Manager Shinee and tvxq manager got married today, good for them, I know these people saw each other every day spending all this time around minho and changmin flirting, they fell in love too.”

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Considering their managers stepped down the aisle, TVXQ Yunho and Changmin reaffirmed their presence by fulfilling several important roles at the wedding event. Changmin, one of the renowned singers of SM Entertainment, charmed the wedding participants by being one of the most important performers.

TVXQ Changmin performance, TVXQ Yunho as MC

(Photo: Twitter || @UpdateKBoys)

Interestingly, TVXQ Yunho became the wedding MC. Meanwhile, SHINee Minho, Onew and Taemin were also spotted at the wedding!

As part of SHINee’s return to his beloved manager, group leader Onew reportedly performed the song “Beautiful”. Complementing the stellar lineup of wedding performers is Red Velvet Wendy. Wendy’s wedding is accompanied by Red Velvet Seulgi and Yeri.

According to reports, the song crowning the wedding was “Hope”, a song included in the 2021 Winter SM Town: SMCU Express.

With a star-studded turnout, SM states couldn’t help but joke that the wedding is SM Town’s mini reunion!

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Outside of the wedding narrative

Despite the momentous wedding that surprised fans, there are other events related to SM Entertainment. Among them is the cancellation of their annual Halloween party, which is scheduled for Sunday night.

SM Entertainment written at Kwangya Club, the entertainment fan community:

“We have canceled ‘SMTown Wonderland 2022’, so the red carpet event, which was scheduled to be broadcast live, has also been canceled. We ask fans to understand.” – SM entertainment

While SM Entertainment did not specify in this announcement the main reason for such a cancellation, fans clearly see it as a gesture of the company’s sensitivity to the recent Itaewon Halloween tragedy.

At the same time, the company postponed the release of EXO Chen’s third mini-album, entitled The last scene. Currently, the company has yet to announce its release.

Aespa’s lead rapper Giselle also canceled her birthday on Instagram live yesterday, October 30, 2022.

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