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“They didn’t even fix the A / C”… (G) I-DLE revealed how Cube treated them

Members of (G) I-DLE bragged about their funny jokes.

On September 29, the 9th episode of the Internet entertainment “Neighborhood Star K2” was released on the Diggle channel on YouTube.

The members of (G) I-DLE, who recently returned from “Nxde”, appeared as guests that day.

That day, Jonathan mentioned that (G) I-DLE is contributing to his agency Cube Entertainment. Miyeon said: “I saw stocks go up a bit today.” Yuqi said: “So I should have bought it in advance.”

Jonathan asked: “Does the Cube treat you well?” Shuhua said: “They didn’t even fix the air conditioning.” Minnie said bitterly: – Not a fridge. Yuqi added: “We shed blood, sweat and tears.” When Jonathan said: “The Cube is always the same. Cool,” Minnie said: “You can change so far”making everyone laugh.

gidle shuhua Neighborhood Star K2

Jonathan then said about (G) I-DLE: “K-trees. I’m sorry. It always happens whether there is a camera or not. ” “This is,” said Yuqi, “Because I think it’s a prejudice that you have to hide something, because you’re an idol and you shouldn’t fart.”

gi-dle Neighborhood Star K2

Jonathan says he’s also known to belch a lot. In response, Shuhua cheered and gave a high-five, and Yuqi said: “I am a competitor.”

gi-dle Neighborhood Star K2

Meanwhile, (G) I-DLE shows off its fiery popularity by winning four music trophies with “Nxde”.

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