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Third Generation Idol Jeong Sewoon Is ‘Dumped’ After Failing To Recognize BTS’ Jin In ‘The Game Caterers’

It was really every idol for himself… 😂😂

When it comes to the seven biggest stars of K-Pop, the members BTS are definitely at the top of the list.

Member of BTS | @bts_bighit/Twitter

Especially the oldest member Jin he has good reason to call him “handsome all over the world” as his visuals are extremely noticeable by internet users around the world.

Jin from BTS | @jin/Instagram

| @jin/Instagram

Well, it looks like there’s someone who’s had a hard time identifying an idol recently, and the reaction from those around him has been truly iconic.

Idols and actors from K-Pop Spaceship entertainment appeared in recent episodes Game catering and shocked fans with his diversity and charisma throughout.

In recent episodes, teams had to play classic games to earn food for the trip. As expected, there was real chaos, with all the groups trying not to succumb to the pressure and earn some food.

When did it happen MONSTA Xthey collaborated with soloists of the third generation Jeong Seoon and a second-generation star K. Will. As idols, they were given a “character quiz” where they had to name celebrities based on pictures.

Things were going well, and with a mix of generations and idols, they seemed comfortable getting answers to many of them.

Until seemingly the last round and Jeong Seoon’s turn. Of course, the game is extremely hectic with a time limit, which meant that when a handsome photo of Jin from BTS popped up, the soloist suddenly froze and couldn’t answer.

Instead of encouraging the idol after he got no response, MONSTA X members and K.Will were shocked and stood up to leave their band member…

Except when K.Will came back to remove the whiskey they had just lost from the game.

While MONSTA X tried to comfort the singer, Sewoon explained that he was very sexy, perhaps trying to find the reason why he couldn’t identify Jin.

After the episode aired, the clip went viral on social media, with millions of views in less than 24 hours. In the comments, Internet users couldn’t get over the reaction of MONSTA X and K. Will, who joked that they were ready to leave him …

DESIRE they even revealed earlier in the episode that their staff told them to memorize BTS’s faces before the match.

While it may have just been the stressful nature of the game or that he couldn’t see, the rest of his team’s reactions show BTS’s influence.

You can read more about Game catering with the list of spacecraft below.

Starship Entertainment Shocks with Incredibly Diverse Artist List for Final ‘Game Caterers’ Episodes

Source: Channel 15 and @dokimbb


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