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This actress in “Under the Queen’s Umbrella” is highly praised despite her short screen time

The K-drama actress who recently appeared in “Under the Queen’s Umbrella” impresses the audience with her short but impressive performance.

TVN’s Saturday and Sunday drama “Under the Queen’s Umbrella” is a historical series that follows the struggles of the Queen as she tries to educate her trouble-prone son.

In the 12th episode of the series, the candidates for the Crown Princess were revealed and the selection was carried out. Here, actress Jo Ah Young appeared as the eldest daughter of the King’s Chief Secretary and attracted attention with her upright and candid appearance.

In the same episode, Queen Im Hwa Ryeong (Kim Hye Soo) hid in a fabric shop and observed the natural looks of the candidates. She then became interested in a certain girl who was quietly arranging her disheveled clothes among the other arrogant and immature daughters of a noblewoman.

Jo Ah Yeong

This girl is none other than the eldest daughter of the Royal Secretary-General. She was also said to be a strong contender for the title of Duchess due to her good figure, excellent academic record, and kindness to those around her, to the point that she embroidered for her maid.

In addition, she behaved kindly from beginning to end, but refused to sit on the cushion, attracting the attention of King Lee Ho (Choi Won Young).

Jo Ah Yeong

When asked about this action, she gave a filial answer that she could not sit on the pillow because her father’s name was written on it. At the same time, she also showed extensive knowledge, answering questions about the seven evils without hesitation, making everyone smile with satisfaction.

Despite her role having limited screen time, actress Jo Ah Young has made a significant contribution to K-drama by playing a noble lady who has everything from good looks to knowledge and class.

Jo Ah Young, whose presence shines with charming charms and solid acting skills in every piece she appears in, began acting with minor roles in 2014 when she was in middle school.

Jo Ah Yeong

In 2016, she began to stand out with the short film “It’s Visiting Day” before taking on her first commercial role in the 2017 series “Sweet Revenge”.

In the web drama “Multi Personality Girl”, the actress showed her dialect and considerable acting skills by playing 4 personalities at once, and became a hot topic among viewers.

She then appeared in series such as “I Wanna Hear Your Song”, “The World of My 17”, “The Girls on the Phone” and “Can You Deliver Time? 2002”,

Jo Ah Yeong

“The Girls on the Phone” is a drama that aired on Babayo’s OTT platform in July and follows the daily lives of 3 girls who work as “call center advisors”. Here, Jo Ah Young takes on the role of Da Eun, a new employee who has a bright and kind personality.

Her charming charms and innocent facial expressions made Jo Ah Young’s performance engaging and brought the actress much praise.

On the other hand, attention is drawn to the acting changes that Jo Ah Young will show in the future, who once again made a huge impression with her performance in “Under the Queen’s Umbrella”.

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