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This director himself created the world-famous hit, when he won no more than 10,000 in his bank account, and even lost 6 teeth

“Squid Game” won 6 Emmy Awards, gaining recognition both for its popularity and its cinematic quality. In fact, director Hwang Dong-hyuk didn’t have this success right away.

World-renowned director “champion” Steven Spielberg even said: “I want to steal your brain”. It is known that director Hwang Dong-hyuk had envisioned “The Squid Game” since 2008, when he had a hard time without even having 10,000 wins in his bank account.

The world has changed a lot and after 10 years it has become very “realistic”. Therefore, Hwang Dong-hyuk decided to challenge the work, which was rejected and assessed as “Weird and unrealistic”10 years ago, again.

Director Hwang said he was very happy during the first season of production, but found he suffered a lot. He worked on everything, including filming, editing, etc. all alone, and even lost six teeth due to stress. The director also told a funny story when he had to wear dentures due to the lack of six teeth.

The production process was not easy at all, and as the drama became famous around the world, he felt he had to pay the audience back. This is how Season 2 is planned, and people all over the world are excited to see the story expanded.

In fact, director Hwang Dong-hyuk initially wanted to become a journalist, and after seeing presenter Um Ki-young, he even entered the Press Department at Seoul National University. He later fell in love with the movies and even joined the school’s film club.

The character of Cho Sang-woo (Park Hae-soo), a graduate of Seoul National University, is considered to be Hwang Dong-hyuk. This is a character that he created from his own experiences.

Director Hwang tried different genres. It was then that an old video camera that his mother bought him prompted him to decide to become a director. Since then, he has appreciated his directing talent and continued his studies at the University of Southern California in Film Production.

In 2005, Hwang Dong-hyuk expanded the 18-minute short film “Miracle Mile”, which he made in the US, with his debut feature film, “My Father.” Director Hwang has changed in many ways throughout his career and is not limited to one genre. Some of his representative works include “Miss Granny” starring Shim Eun-kyung, “The Silenced One” based on an original work by writer Gong Ji-young, and “The Fortress” based on the novel by writer Kim Hoon of the same name.

Director Hwang Dong-hyuk, who first challenged the filming of the drama in “Squid Game,” revealed that he was planning a second season. In addition, he also returned to films and is preparing his next film, “Killing Old People Club”. Regarding this work, he shared: “It will be more brutal and brutal. ”

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