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This famous actor reveals why he has been publishing a selfie in the same pose for 2 years

Korean Internet users note the expressionless selfie of actor Ji Jin Hee, which has not changed in the last 2 years

An article titled “Let’s look at Ji Jin Hee’s Instagram” was posted on the online community “theqoo” and quickly gained attention.

The post contains photos from Ji Jin Hee’s Instagram feed, which consists of different photos in the same pose and facial expressions. The first photo of this strange “series” was released in April 2020, and since then, Ji Jin Hee’s Instagram has been filled with selfies in a similar pose, except for video promotions and short recent updates.

Seeing this strange phenomenon, Internet users expressed such reactions as: “There must be a reason for this …” “It’s really crazy”, “It’s not easy looking so handsome in front of so many” and so on.

ji jin hee

However, as it turns out, Ji Jin Hee actually explained the reason for his similar post back in February, when he appeared on tvN’s entertainment show “You Quiz on the Block”. In particular, the actor said, “The reason I keep posting blank selfies is because my words or facial expressions will change the mood of viewers.”

ji jin hee

On the other hand, Ji Jin Hee recently confirmed his appearance in the second season of Netflix’s original series “DP”, in which he will star alongside other stars such as Jung Hae In, Goo Kwan Hwa, Kim Sung Kyun, Son Seok Gu, and more.

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