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This former hit girl group idol had to deliver milk to earn a living after leaving the group

Jina Yoo, a former member of the girl group Badkiz who sang the hit “Ear Attack”, revealed her current status.

On November 22, a video titled “You’re a Spy If You Don’t Know This Song” appeared on YouTube… The whereabouts of a former girl group member who made all the middle school and high school students dance. channel “근황올림픽”.


In the video, Jina Yoo recalled the past and said: “All the members were shocked when we first heard ‘Ear Attack’. We wanted to look cute and refreshing like other girl groups.”adding “Still, I thought it would be okay as long as we could at least reveal our name to the public a bit.”


Jina Yoo explained, “At that time, three was three events a day. People thought we made a lot of money. Not”. She added “After leaving the group, I delivered milk for over a year. I even worked on rainy and snowy days. I was delivering more than 150 units a day and earning a monthly salary of 300,000 ~ 400,000 won.”


Outlining her current situation, she said: “I run a dog hotel and daycare with my twin sister. I’m the director.”

source: wikitree


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