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THIS leading idol makes the viewer’s jaw drop in surprise in “Street Man Fighter” – who is he?

After a break on the K-pop stage, TEN’s top male idol surprised fans and audiences with his special stage along with the 1MILLION dance crew in “Street Man Fighter”! Do you know who it is?

This EXO member surprised viewers with a special performance in “Street Man Fighter”

On September 20, a new video appeared on the YouTube channel “THE CHOOM”, intended exclusively for Korea, with the caption “[Street Man Fighter] MEGA CREW | 1 MILLION.”

In particular, the dance mission requires the participating dance crew to perform a “mega” performance. Bands can invite idols or dancers from outside the crew to join their stage, gaining huge interest from K-pop and dance enthusiasts.

(Photo: EXO Sehun (@kokokbop Twitter))

Prior to the show, however, the 1MILLION team stood out especially after the video uploaded not only thanks to the amazing performance but also thanks to the hidden cards dancer.

In the film, the dancers presented the concept of a cowboy and impressed viewers with fluid and synchronized choreography. It was then that a familiar face appeared that did not seem to fit the team, matching the dancing strength of the entire team.

As video clips circulated on various social media platforms, EXO-L (EXO fandom) immediately went berserk as they finally realized that the ‘hidden card’ dancer was none other than the maknae and EXO lead dancer Sehun!

Although half of the singer’s face “Love Shot” was covered with a cowboy bandana and hat, the split second his eyes popped up was enough for fans, especially Xunqis (Sehun’s individual fandom) to know it was him.

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(Photo: Sehun (News1))

His silhouette and movements were enough to reveal it. Another reason was that the 1MILLION crew was led by Mihawk, a close friend of Sehun who had been EXO’s choreographer for many years.

Professional dancer-choreographer has worked on many EXO dance choreographies, including Sehun’s solo “On Me”.

EXO Sehun becomes a visual and dance virus

After finding out who the “hidden card” dancer was, Sehun immediately climbed to the top of Twitter searches in real time.

He especially went viral after surprising fans with his outstanding performance not only on the show but also on the K-pop stage, after a long silence on the music scene caused by EXO’s hiatus.

During his performance, fans praised Sehun for his impeccable dancing skills and professionalism. He proved to be indeed one of EXO’s main dancers, showing off his sharpness and amazing footwork. He also made complicated dance steps look easy with smooth transitions and movements.

EXO Sehun accused of frequent visits to adult facilities - here's what happened

(Photo: Sehun (News1))

In addition to his skill, fans also emphasized that his visuals became a huge factor in his performance, adding to the charm and charisma that only he can show.

On the other hand, “Street Man Fighter” is a difficult dance fight between men in the street power of the Republic of Korea. In subsequent broadcasts, Sehun, along with other dancers from “hidden cards”, is to give the series more flavor.

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