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This MAMA 2018 behind the scenes photo makes people feel nostalgic

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Following today’s release of MAMA 2018’s behind-the-scenes photo, netizens expressed their feelings in the nostalgic photo. The photo consisted of GOT7, Wanna One, BTS, Roy Kim, Song Joong Ki, Lee Mi Kyung (CJ Vice President), Tiger JK, Yoon Mirae.

Some netizens expressed:

1. “It’s like a previous life… Cry.”

2. “so good, everyone looks happy”

3. “It’s a group of 4 and there are a lot of people hahahaha”

4. “It’s a nostalgic time, it was fun”

5. “There are a lot of them, but it was more fun back then”

6. “Why do I miss it? It’s still good, but something’s missing”

To the surprise of netizens, the photo evoked a feeling of nostalgia as MAMA 2018 was a significant event in K-Pop history due to its energizing performances and significant awards. Fans were flooded with memories after the photo was posted as they too have their good memories of the awards show.

Not only does it evoke memories fans can remember, but it also notes that the interaction between K-Pop Idols was more intact at the time, with no social distancing. For netizens, the photo was a memory of how the artists worked together to perform on stage and give their fans their best.

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Going back to the 2018 recap, there were many nominees at the event, winning notable awards such as “Artist of the Year”, “Song of the Year”, etc.

Unforgettable configuration – division of the show award into three parts

The award ceremony took place in Korea, Japan and Hong Kong.

The event kicked off in Korea, where the Stray Kids and IZ*ONE awards for Best New Artist, respectively, premiered. Wanna One received the DDP Best Trend award, while four awards went to HYBE Labels, formerly known as Big Hit Entertainment, founder Bank Shi Hyuk, Pdogg as producer, Son Sung Deuk for choreography and MU:E as art director.

In Japan, the second event was a follow-up to the MAMA 2018’S Fans’ Choice Awards. The performing lineup consists of boy groups BTS, MONSTA X, NU’EST W, Stray Kids and Wanna One. The girl groups in the roster are joined by IZ*ONE, MAMAMOO and TWICE.

The awards followed:
1. Favorite music video – “IDOL” BTS

2. Favorite male dance artist – BTS

3. Favorite Dance Artist – TWICE

4. Favorite Japanese dance artist – Bullet Train

5. MAMA Style in Music Award – MONSTA X


7. World Icon of the Year – BTS

For the performances, the Hong Kong event consisted of artists such as soloists Chungha, Changmo, BewhY, Heize, JJ Lin, Mommy Son, Nafla, Sunmi, Yoon Mi Rae, Swings, The Quiett, Tiger JK, Yoon Mirae, Palo Alto, and Roy Kim. The group consists of BTS, IZ*ONE, Momoland, Oh My Girl, SEVENTEEN, Wanna One, and WJSN.

The following prizes were awarded to the winners at the final hand:

1. “I Seoul U” Appreciation Plaque (Red Carpet Award): BTS

2. Top unit: wants one triple position

3. Best Solo Vocal Performance: Heize


5. New Asian artist: IZ*ONE

6. Mwave Global Selection: BTS

7. Best Female Dance Performance: TWICE

8. Most Popular TikTok Artist: GOT7

9. Best Hip-Hop & Urban Music: Zico – “Soulmate” (featuring IU)

10. Best Performance by a Band: Hyukoh – “Love Ya!”

11. Inspiration Award: Janet Jackson

12. Best Asian style: BTS

13. Discovery of the Year: MOMOLAND

14. Best Male Artist: Roy Kim

15. Best Solo Dance Performance: Chungha

16. TikTok Best Music Video: “IDOL” BTS

17. Best Vocal Group: iKON

18th Best Asian Artist: Peck Palitchoke (Thailand), Afgan (Indonesia), Huong Tram (Vietnam), Da Pump (Japan), JJ Lin (Mandarin)

19. Best Female Group: TWICE

20. Best Dance Performance by a Male Group: SEVENTEEN

21. Best Female Artist: Sunmi

22. Best Male Group: Wanna One

23rd Album of the Year: BTS – “Love Yourself: Tear”

24. Song of the Year: TWICE – “What is love?”

25. Artist of the Year: BTS

Considering all these unforgettable events, it would surely be an experience of a lifetime for any K-Pop fan.

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