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This MAMAMOO member could be the new olive young model

The pharmacy chain in Korea Olive Young has published photos about the new brand model. The picture was blurry, but fans of these idols can clearly tell who they are.

Who are the two famous idols? Scroll down to find out more!

MAMAMOO Hwasa a new model for Olive Young?

MooMoos can clearly tell from the silhouette in the photo that the youngest member of MAMAMOO is the new Olive Young model.

Hwasa is with another famous idol, Kai from EXO, as the two posing for the brand and showcasing chemistry. They will be officially revealed on June 16.

Olive Young is a famous pharmacy store that also sells Korean cosmetics. Has over 1,000 stores in South Korea.

On the other hand, like many of us, MAMAMOO Hwasa is known to buy many products in pharmacy stores. She loves the brand that she will soon be promoting.

She showed in the MBC program “I Live Alone” that whenever she goes to the pharmacy, she always buys things that she doesn’t really need.

Fans react to Hwasa’s MAMAMOO becoming an olive-green young model

MooMoos are excited about the endless possibilities of what EXO Kai and MAMAMOO Hwasa will be doing in Olive Young commercials.

(Photo: Instagram: @_mariahwasa) MAMAMOO Hwasa


(Photo: Facebook: EXO) EXO Kai

“Hwasa and Kai are known to be tanned, sexy idols, olive young, they probably want to feel their hips. Since Taeyeon and Key were models last year, they put a lot of thought into the chemistry between the models. I wonder if they will be dancing in cfs? “

Fans of both idols are also excited about the future collaboration as previous models Olive Young, Girls’ Generation Taeyeon and SHINee Key have a song together.

Moreover, these two idols have attended many of the same festivals but never really interacted, at least not in front of the camera.

“Sorry to panic now because Hwasa has always talked about how much she loves olives and that whenever she goes there she always buys too much, and now they are paying her?”

MAMAMOO Hwasa on vacation in Vietnam

In addition, MooMoos celebrate Hwasa after the drought is over. Fans now have an idol update. Many Vietnamese MooMoos and other K-pop fans in Vietnam have recognized that a MAMAMOO member in Vietnam has time off work and goes out with friends.

There are fans who got MAMAMOO Hwasy’s signature and a video with the singer “Maria” saying she is shy.

Many MooMoos found this movie cute as Hwasa was dressed casually and apparently relaxed and enjoying her vacation.

MAMAMOO fans have prayed the name of Hwasy on Twitter for the past 4 days, as they are currently delighted with the news of Olive Young and MooMoos who found Hwasa in Vietnam.


(Photo: Instagram: @_mariahwasa)

On the other hand, Rainbow Bridge Entertainment announced that MAMAMOO is currently selecting the title song for its upcoming comeback with the help of its fans.

Are you excited about the new quartet album?

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