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THIS NCT member can be a tough armwrestling fighter – who is he?

THIS NCT member can be a tough armwrestling fighter – who is he?

NCT has a reputation for being one of the K-pop boy groups with an overwhelming talent engine, superb graphics and an athletic physique. Therefore, it is inevitable that fans will not only remember them for their iconic milestones, but also remind you of the “goals of the body”.

With recent photos circulating on various social media platforms, NCTzens note that THIS member of NCT gradually improved his physique to the point that he became a competent fighter in an arm wrestling competition.

Who is he? Keep reading this article to find out more!

THIS member of NCT as a competitor in armwrestling

NCT Dream, as NCT’s third sub-unit, has cemented an image that radiates youthful vibes with its debut song “Chewing Gum”. Since the group once consisted of teenagers, fans are amazed at how the members have improved not only in idol skills but also in the bodybuilding aspect.

(Photo: Twitter || @SMTOWNGLOBAL)

With its diverse discography, NCT Dream has shown the duality of sweetness and maturity. Evidence of this duality is the group’s lead dancer, lead rapper and visual artist Na Jaemin or professionally known as Jaemin, who is sometimes referred to as “Nana” by fans.

With his amazing stage presence, warm personality and charisma, there is no doubt how Jaemin could instantly grab the attention of fans and non-fans alike. Given the number of NCT members, Jaemin is one of the crowd favorites.

In 2022, NCT Dream participated in numerous concerts and music festivals around the world. The group recently completed their I POP U Manila show, marking their second visit to the Philippines this year.

NCT Sen Jaemin

(Photo: Twitter || @AllAbtJaemin)

As Jaemin charmed the crowd with his performances and visuals, fans couldn’t help but applaud the improved physique of rapper “Beatbox”.

Fans quoted Jaemin’s silhouette during the “Boom” promotion on his current physique, thus congratulating the rapper on how his body, especially his biceps, improved healthily. In three years, fans say the cute Jaemin is now a competent candidate for armwrestling.

Additionally, fans have theorized that Jaemin might be immersed in the gym as there is a significant improvement over his cameras and “Fault Mode” promotion images.

With this upgrade, NCTzens can’t help but compare Jaemin to his colleague Jeno. Some even think Jaemin might be stronger than Jeno now.

NCT Sen Jeno and Jaemin

(Photo: Twitter || @ matchalatte2196)

Check out this short fan cam to see Jaemin storming the fans with talent, looks and form:

As he received a lot of compliments, Jaemin reassured fans to keep working harder, and fans should not only wait for him, but also for the entire NCT Dream.

Will Jaemin reveal his diet and training plan for 2022? We are waiting for it!

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Will we have a “nomination” match in armwrestling?

Jaemin and Jeno together since the interns have proved that it is a friendship that assists in the passing time. Hence, fans could not disagree that the Beatbox rappers have a consistent chemistry and bond that is rock solid.

NCT Jaemin and Jeno

(Photo: Twitter || @loeythearcher)

As these chewing gum chewing singers morph into tight-knit young men, NCTzens urge them to wrestle in to confirm who is more energetic and buffering.

NCT Sen Jaemin and Jeno

(Photo: Twitter || @NCTsmtown)

Regardless of who is exposed as the stronger competitor, Jaemin and Jeno’s friendship over the years has proven healthy.

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