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Tinashe confuses BLACKPINK’s choreography for someone else

It was improved by the popular TikToker.

American singer, songwriter, dancer, music producer, actress and model Tinashe showed little love for BLACK PINK although he did not assign them incorrectly either …

Tinashe | AIM

From left to right: Lisa, Jennie, Jisoo and Rosé from BLACKPINK | YG Entertainment

Being a talented dancer, Tinashe occasionally takes part in TikTok’s dance challenges and trends.



♬ High school – Nicki Minaj

So naturally she joined the “Pink Venom” dance challenge on TikTok because the song is viral. Considering BLACKPINK also just returned with the album Born pinkit seemed like the perfect time for Tinashe to share her dance cover!

| @TikTok

As expected, Tinashe killed him and she looks gorgeous as always! Her long, flowing hair was a paid actor.

The BLINKS were excited to see Tinashe dance to “Pink Venom” and create an original choreography. Even so, she didn’t realize the choreography was by BLACKPINK …



♬ Pink Venom – BLACKPINK

Tinashe has mistakenly assigned the TikToker dance jaedengomezz. Prior to that, she posted a video dancing to “Pink Venom” which received 857.1k at the time of writing. views.


straight to your @blackpinkofficial dome

♬ Pink Venom – BLACKPINK

Jaedengomezz was excited to see Tinashe joining the Pink Venom challenge as well, but politely corrected that she was not the originator. Tinashe replied that she thought it was hers.

| @TikTok

Tinashe had good intentions, trying to attribute the creator of the original dance, as not every celebrity puts effort into it. But it shows that, unfortunately, she has not seen any performances of “Pink Venom” or at least a music video …

“Pink Venom” MV | BLACK PINK / YouTube

BLACKPINK performs on “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” | ABC

Still, it’s very cool that Tinashe danced to “Pink Venom” considering BLACKPINK are her fans!

This is actually not the first time Tinashe has shown her BLACKPINK love.

| @ IovesickRuby4_ / Twitter

| @ IovesickRuby4_ / Twitter

| @ IovesickRuby4_ / Twitter

| @ IovesickRuby4_ / Twitter

We can completely imagine it and Lisa one day cooperation.

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