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Today’s Cheltenham picks: Experts on the best bets and 12 horses to watch in 2023

Today’s Cheltenham picks: Experts on the best bets and 12 horses to watch in 2023

Cheltenham Festival returns in 2023 with an exciting week of racing in what is known as ‘The Greatest Show on Turf’.

Look out for the best in sport in the Cotswolds with feverish anticipation for the Gold Cup and other Grade 1 races.

Irish trainers will be hoping to triumph again after winning the Prestbury Cup 12 months ago with a whopping 18 wins compared to just 10 for horses trained in the UK.

Here’s everything you need to know about 2023 Cheltenham Festival with tips and best bets for Day 2 on Wednesday:

When is 2023 Cheltenham Festival?

Cheltenham Festival 2023 starts on Tuesday 14 March and runs until Friday 17 March. There are seven races each day, starting at 13:30 GMT and finishing at 17:30.

Cheltenham Festival Day 2 Tips by Ruby Walsh

All tips by Paddy’s power

1.30pm – Ballymore Novices Hurdle (Ruby Walsh)

Hint: Odd And Pass

“I would be with weird and fit – he was very good at the hurdles at Naas before Christmas, he was good at the Moscow Flyer where he dropped down to two miles.

14.10 – Brown Advisory Rookie Chase (Ruby Walsh)

Tip: Gerri Colombe

“I would be with Gerry Colombe.

“The race will set for him – A real bully it will go forward, as I said, so it will Galia Des Liteauxbut he is Gerry Colombe solid sweater.

“He looks like a horse that screams for three miles and I think he’s the right favorite.”

14.50 – Coral Cup Hurdle (Ruby Walsh)

Tip: Captain Conby both ways

“I thought I pulled one out of the fire when I was going through them this morning and was with it Captain Conby also.

“I was passing and Captain Conby in the last run behind San Salvador. Icare Allen I did too badly at Newbury and Scaramanga I want quick ground. A tax for Max is hard to imagine.”

15.30 – Chasing the Champion (Ruby Walsh)

Tip: Edwardstone

“I don’t like fighting Willie Mullins’ horse, but I am and I’m going against Huge man and the more rain, the greater the chance [Edwardstone] hHow.

Edwardstone it seems to cope with soft ground. Of the two since 12 months ago, Edwardstone looks like the one that got better or maybe just kept in shape and Huge man has regressed.”

16.10 – Cross Country Chase (Ruby Walsh)

Tip: Delta Work. Franco De Port also one way

“[Keith Donoghue booked on Delta Work] When you think about it, it’s not such a big shock.

“The success he has had Tiger roll [previously] and I think Working in the Delta is the one, especially after the rain that has fallen. That’s what made him stronger last year [Delta Work’s] chance was really soft ground.

“He [Delta Work] he won his first time last year but he needs to be a better horse and with these heats I think he will be hard to beat again.

Franco De Port it has a big price, it will still be 8/1, it is a one way price anyway, but Working in the Delta will win.”

17.30 – Champion Bumper (Ruby Walsh)

Hint: a fact to submit

“The earth, age, endurance and things like that influenced the decision to let Patrick Mullins ride A fact to be submitted.

A dream to share he is your favorite, he beat A fact to be submitted in Leopardstown. It was a slow race, but I think it will be a completely different competition.

“I would be of the opinion that the others are winning this race over fast horses and I can see it A fact to be submitted changing it with A dream to share.

“Patrick Mullins could have been right and I would have been with him A fact to be submitted“.

Meanwhile, PA race reporter Anita Chambers adds her own picks for Day 2:

13.30 – Ballymore Novices over the hurdle: Good ground

14.10 – Bronze Adviser Novice Chase: Gerry Colombe

14.50 – Coral Cup by obstacle: HMS Seahorse

15.30 – Chasing the Champion: Edwardstone

16.10 – Off-road chase: Galvin

4:50 p.m. – The Great Annual Hurdle Chase: Final Orders

17.30 – Master Bumper: Fun Fun Fun

Cheltenham Festival Day 2 Race schedule and latest odds

1:30 Ballymore rookie obstacle

Odd and pass 2/1

Hermes Allen 11/4

Celtic warrior, good land 5/1

Master Kiely 7/1

About time 10/1

In pocket 12/1

Ho My Lord, Tahmuras 14/1

Absolute Concepts, Favori De Champdou, Irish Point 16/1

Doctor Bravo, in excess, Parmenion 20/1

American Mike, Dark Raven, Deep Cave, Diverge 25/1

BAR 33/1

2:10 Brown Advisory rookie chase

Gerri Colombe 13/8

Mighty Potter 3/1

Sir Gerhard, True Slayer 4/1

Tymiankowe Wzgórze 11/2

Gaillard Du Mesnil 6/1

Bouquets 10/1

Galia Des Liteaux, the star of the 12/1 scene

James Du Berlais, Thedevilcoachman, Thunder Rock 14/1

Bronn, Kilcruit, Minella Crooner 25/1

BAR 33/1

2:50 Coral cup

Camp round 6/1

HMS Seahorse, Run for Oscar 7/1

Top in 9/1 colors

Longer than 10/1

Ballyadam, Winter Fog 11/1

Beacon Edge, Brandy Love, Captain Conby, Fil Dor, Might I, Three Card Brag 12/1

Irish Hill, Theater Glory 14/1

Benson, Imagine, No Ordinary Joe, San Salvador, Scaramanga, Spanish Harlem, Watch House Cross Yorksea 16/1

3:30 Chasing the champion

Edwardstone 13/8

Hulk 15/8

Gite Editor 6/1

Gentleman De Mee 8/1

Blue Mr. 9/1

Black Cloud 1/20

Each for himself, Greeneteen 25/1

Sivola 33/1 tightrope walker

Captain Guinness 50/1

Lofty Heart 100/1

4:10 Off-road pursuit

Job Delta 11/10

Galwina 15/8

Franco De Port 7/1

Back on 14/1 lashes

Aeise Aba, Gin and Lime, Snow Leopard 16/1

Easysland, Foxy Jacks 25/1

BAR 33/1

16:50 The big annual handicap chase

Andy Dufresne, Dinoblue 6/1

Recent orders 7/1

No risk 8/1

Holy King 9/1

Lucki for the third time, unexpected party 10/1

Lofty Heart 12/1

Dads Lad, Magic Daze, Rouge Vif, Saint Segal 12/1

Red rookie, white thyme 14/1

Elixir De Nutz, Riviere D’etel 16/1

BAR 20/1

5:30 Champion bumper

A dream to share is a 7/2 for me

Fun Fun Fun 13/2

9/1 sun hat

Fact to be filed, Western Diego 10/1

Better Days Ahead, Encanto Bruno, Pour Les Filles, Favor And Fortune, Queens Gamble 14/1

Fascile Mode, Westport Cove 16/1

Loughglynn 18/1

BAR 20/1

Cheltenham Festival Day 3: Race schedule and latest odds

1.30 am Chase of the Turners Novices

Mighty Potter 5/4

Fabiolo 5/2

Banbridge 3/1

Appreciate it 4/1

Sir Gerharda 7/1

Balco Coastal, the star of the 10/1 scene

Dysart Dynamo, Travel with me 12/1

Unbending Choice, James Du Berlais 14/1

Hollow Games, I am Maximus 20/1

Bronn, Phil Dor 25/1

Ha D’or, Kilcruit 33/1

2:10 Pertemps network final

Shoot first 3/1

Thank you for your help 11/2

Maxxum, Perceval Legallois, Walking in the Air 7/1

Bosses Oscars 8/1

Tailliur, Salvador Ziggy 9/1

Shewearsitwell 11/1

Captain Morgs, Good Time Jonny, Theft March 12/1

Bear Ghylls 14/1

Botox has, Hector Javilex 16/1

Colorator 20/1

Glimpse Of Gala, Green Book, Itchy Feet, Mill Green, Wakool 25/1

BAR 33/1

2:50 Ryanair pursuit

Shishkin 8/11

Blue Lord, conflicted 5/1

Janidyl 7/1

Fury Road 8/1

Sending Ellen 10/1

Fakir D’Oudairies, French dynamite, high colors 14/1

KG Act 16/1

Hitman 20/1

Everyone for themselves, Sivola 25/1 tightrope walker

Estruval pennant 50/1

3:30 A stumbling block for the stayers

The Burning Khal 11/4

Maries Rock, Teahupoo 7/2

Porter Floors, Home By The Lee 11/2

Classic 9/1 sleep

Golden tweet, Sir Gerhard 12/1

Ashdale Bob, Paisley Park 16/1

Asterion Forlonge, Henri Prankster 20/1

Dashel Drasher, Colorful, Hewick, Sharjah 25/1

4:10 Magners Plate Handicap Chase

So Scottish 3/1

Relentlessly Chosen, Il Ridoto 15/2

Top in 8/1 colors

The star of the 9/1 scene

Balco Coastal, French Dynamite, Frero Banbou, Midnight River 10/1

Datsalrightgino, Fastorslow, Fugitif 12/1

I am Maximus, Kilcruit 14/1

Lord of War 16/1

Mars Harper 18/1

Bold Endeavour, Call Me Lyreen, Champagne Gold, Dads Lad, Elixir Du Nutz, Embitered, Fil Dor, Fusil Raffles, Gemirande, Midnight Run 20/1

BAR 25/1

16:50 Mares Novices over the hurdle

Lucy 8.11

Ashroe Diamond 10/3

Lots of fun 7/1

You wear it well 8/1

Magic Zoe, Princess Zoe 9/1

Petticoat Du Tabert, Under Control 12/1

Jetara 14/1

Ahorsewithnoname, Foxy Girl, Harmonya Maker, Kateira, Ladybank, Nikini 16/1

Endless Escape, Mullenbeg, Saylavee, Zefania, Zenta 20/1

BAR 25/1

5:30 Kim Muir Challenge Cup

Stumptown 10/3

Mr. Incredible 5/1

Angels Down 7/1

Dunboyne 10/1

Iron Bridge 11/1

Amirite, Idas Boy, Royal Thief 12/1

Nightinlambourn, Monbeg Genius, Next Destination 14/1

Annual Inviticus, Beauport, Guetapan Collonges 16/1

Fakiera, Folcano, Karny, Raper 20/1

Cheltenham Festival Day 4: Race schedule and latest odds

1:30 Triumph over the obstacle

Blood Destiny 7/4

Lossiemouth 15/8

Gala Marceau 9/2

Comfort Zone 10/1

Because Zenith 20/1

Rightsototom, screenwriter, Tekao, Zenta 25/1

Afadil, Son of the King, Choisel Jackpot, I keep 44/1

BAR 40/1

2:10 county obstacle

Filey Bay 5/1

Gin Coco, Hunters Yarn, Pembroke 8/1

D’oroux Path, Sharjah, Winter Fog 9/1

Colonel Mustard, Pied Piper 12/1

No risk, golden thread, it’s time 14/1

First Street, Icare Allen, Magnor Glory, Petit Tonnerre, Soul Icon 16/1

Ballyadam 20/1, Fils D’oudairies, Hacker Des Places, Might I, Sa Fureur, Wonderwall 20/1

BAR 25/1

2:50 Albert Bartlett Novices over the obstacle

Corbett Cross 10/3

Embassy Gardens 6/1

Hermes Allen, Hiddenvalley Lake, three-card boast 7/1

Sandor Clegane 8/1

Favori De Champdou 9/1

Money Star 10/1

Let’s clear it up on 11/1

Absolute Notions, Cool Survivor, Dawn Rising, Shanbally Kid 12/1

Rock My Way, Seek Glory 14/1

American Mike, Regal Blue, Seabank Bistro, Stay Away Fay 16/1

BAR 20/1

15:30 Gold Cup

Field Scamp 6/4

Game Gravemans 6/1

See you on 15.02

Noble Yeats 8/1

Statler 9/1

Shishkin 10/1

Conflated, Protectorate 12/1

Ahoy Senor 14/1

Hewick, Minella Indo, Sounds Russian 20/1

Capodanno, Fury Road 33/1

A true 40/1 slayer

Royal Mayhem 50/1

Eldorado Allen, Sending Allen 66/1

Franco De Port, GA Law, Galvin 100/1

Breath of Angels 150/1

Cool Body 250/1

4:10 St James’ Place festival hunters chase

Vaucelet 2/1

Fern Lock 7/2

Winged Leader 9/2

The famous Clermont 5/1

Billaway, Chris’ Dream 7/1

Bob and Co, mystery investor 8/1

It’s on line 11/1

Dorking Cock, Howya Rocky 12/1

Brain Power 14/1

Cat Tiger, The Law of Gold, Le Malin, Not That Fuisse 16/1

Black Op Dandy Dan, Dubai Quest, Go Go Geronimo, IK Brunel, Premier Magic, Shantou Flyer, The Storyteller 20/1

BAR 25/1

4:50 Mare chase

Allegory of Wasyl 11/1

Impermeable 9/4

Jeremy Flame 9/2

Magic Daze 10/1

Galla Des Liteaux 12/1

Elimay, Riviere Detel 14/1

Zambella 16/1

Sweetness 20/1

Fantastic Lady 22/1

Dinoblue, The Pink Legend, Telmesomethinggirl 33/1

Hose 40/1

Darrens Hope, Kapga De Lily, Kissesforkatie 66/1

5:30 Obstacle with obstacles Martin Pipe

Imagine Spanish Harlem 6/1

Cool Survivor, Langer Dan 7/1

Bragging three cards 15/2

Iroko, May I 12/1

Favori De Champdou, Sa Fureur, San Salvador 12/1

Hacking locations 14/1

Benson, Hauturière, Irish Hill, Riaan, Zoffany Bay 16/1

Blue Sari, Buddy One, Da Capo Glory, Felix Desjy, Firm Footings, Grozni 20/1

BAR 25/1


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