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Tom Hanks’ son Chet reveals his parents sent him to a wildlife program amid his addiction struggle

Chet Hanks has revealed that his parents, actors Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson, sent him to a wilderness program for “difficult teens” to battle addiction.

The 32-year-old actor and musician detailed a harrowing experience during the last episode of the show Ivan’s payment podcast. Hanks talked about his early struggles with addiction and how it strained his relationship with his parents.

In the episode, he recalled how in 2008 he was dragged out of bed by two men.

“My first year in high school, when the struggles and power struggles with my parents reached an all-time high,” he began. “My lights come on at four in the morning. I look at the foot of my bed and I see two huge dudes standing at the foot of my bed – bald heads that look like bouncers.”

“They say, ‘You’re coming with us. We can do it the easy way or the hard way,” he said.

Hanks soon learned that he had been taken to a “wilderness program” in Utah to correct his rebellious behavior.

“They put me in the back of a car, drove me nine hours from Los Angeles to southern Utah, and dropped me off at this show, which I found out was a wildlife show for troubled teens,” he revealed.

There, the rapper “White Boy Summer” was forced to “manual work” in a remote wilderness, without a “roof over his head”. [his] head all the time.

“At that moment, it was the hardest thing I’ve ever been through in my life,” he said, adding that he never knew when he should leave the camp. “It’s very inconvenient, not like camping,” Hanks admitted. “It was, like, designed to be as raw as possible.”

Hanks went on to explain how he believes his parents were “manipulated” by a program that allegedly charged parents a daily fee for camp. “They knew my parents had the means to keep me here for a long fucking time and that’s exactly what happened,” noting that he was there longer than any other teenager on the show except for one person who was there for six months .

Looking back, Hanks now realizes that the experience helped him find peace in solitude and strengthened his relationship with God.

Chet Hanks, who has been sober for a year, is not the only child celebrity whose famous parents send him to a reform school or program. American socialite Paris Hilton recently opened up about her experiences at Provo Canyon School in Utah, where she was allegedly sexually abused as a teenager.

Hilton was sent to school by her parents when she was 16 before returning home 11 months later.

“Very late at night – it was around 3 or 4 in the morning – they would take me and the other girls to this room and do medical examinations,” the 41-year-old recently told the New York Times. “It wasn’t even with the doctor. It was with a few different staff where they told us to lie down on the table and stick their fingers inside us. And I don’t know what they were doing, but it was definitely not a doctor.”

Hilton continued: “It was really scary and it’s something I’ve really been blocking for many years. But it comes back all the time now and I think about it. And now, looking back as an adult, it was definitely sexual abuse.”

A Provo Canyon school spokesperson has since said in a statement that it “cannot comment on operations or student experiences” prior to August 2000, when the school was sold by the previous owner.


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